Do You Give Good Head? Signs She’s Loving It

Cunnilingus is a complex art requiring patience and a solid understanding of your partner’s body. In order to do it right, you have to put the time and effort into learning. The best thing you can do is practice, and the second-best thing you can do is educate yourself.

We all know the one big sign that indicates a job well done, but what are some of the smaller signs along the way to an orgasm that tell you you’re on the right track?

She’s Moaning and Breathing Heavily

While this might be the most obvious sign that she’s enjoying herself, it’s also the most valuable one. You can tell a lot by the changes in your partner’s breathing. If it suddenly speeds up, or gets heavier, keep doing what you’re doing. If her breath returns to normal or she stops moaning, change things up.

Pay attention, and get to know what things send her over the top.

She’s Thrusting Her Hips Towards You

This usually means she wants more of what you’re giving. Sometimes it means she wants you to go a little harder, or change your positioning. If she moving her hips to a certain rhythm, or trying to direct your attention higher or lower, these are signs that she’s into what you’re doing—but she wants you to make some minor adjustments.

If you’re not sure of the direction she’s trying to give, ask her what she likes. Take a moment to work in a little dirty talk in the moment, or ask for her feedback after the fact.

She’s Grabbing Your Head

Like the hip thrust, this is a clear indication that your partner wants you to keep doing what you’re doing—the exception being if she’s grabbing or pushing in an attempt to move you away from the area.

I’m not a fan of grabbing people’s heads. I think it’s aggressive, and I hate it when a guy does it to me. But for some women, it’s a sign of intense enjoyment. It usually means that an orgasm is on the rise, so keep with your current technique, intensify it a little bit to push her over the edge.

She’s Grabbing the Sheets

Or the headboard, or the pillow. This means the tension is building, and she’s aching for a release. In some cases it could mean the intensity is too much, and she’s about to jump out of her skin.

Take into account the sounds she’s making. Are they sounds of pleasure or discomfort? Is she growing tense in anticipation, or is she thrashing around and twitching? The former means you’re on the right track, the later means you should lighten your touch.

She’s Screaming Out for More

This one’s a no brainer. If she’s screaming or begging for more, you can rest assured you’re good at giving head. Just keep in mind that all women are different and that what works for one, won’t necessarily work for another.

There is always the possibility that she’s faking it, but that’s another discussion. For now, be happy with the thought that she’s loving your technique.

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