Dating Tips for BHM (Big Handsome Men)

There’s a constant flow of information and condemnation of body shaming women. My hot BBW friend says it goes over the top, and she doesn’t need people to assume that she’s hard up and needs a helping hand when it comes to finding sex.

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Holly says her personal metabolic issues haven’t kept her from getting laid. “There are always enough men chasing women to go around,” she says. “I don’t need ALL of them after me.” She says it’s chubby MEN who have been ignored.

“There’s so much emphasis on accepting women, that the average guy and his fears about hooking up and body image are totally neglected.”

The attitude is always, oh well, men can hire hookers if they can’t find anyone. This attitude is manufactured by the media and politics, not by real men and women, similar to the belief that women who are not big-boobed boneracks are desperate and lonely.

Big guys want to get laid too but are sometimes shy about looking for hookups.

Here’s some advice from another gal pal—a slender, curvy creature whose boyfriend is a Big Handsome Man: “Get over it.”

Big Handsome Men (BHM) are popular.

There are societies of BBW—Big Beautiful Women—admirers, but Big Handsome Men admirers are also a thing.

You have lots to offer.

It’s the whole tough and soft thing that some women love. The snuggly giant or velvet teddy bear towering over and wrapping his arms around them.

For others, it’s the nitty gritty. Stretch marks, big bellies and man boobs—some women get super aroused BECAUSE of these natural qualities, not IN SPITE of them.

Take care of yourself, but don’t obsess.

Eat healthy most of the time, dress smart in your own style, and stay active.

“Here’s the thing with the so-called Perfect 10,” says Alejandra, 23. “We’ve been there, done that; and I’m not interested in hookups with men who are so self-obsessed.”

Carrie, 26, says she once met “the hottest army brat I’d ever dreamed up.” She fell head over heels and was ecstatic to find out that they worked close to each other. She imagined hot quickies at lunch but Jamal had other plans—the gym. Every lunch hour. 

Your appetite for life is what’s appealing.

“There’s not an Italian girl in the world who wants to hook up with a guy who acts like an anorexic teenager,” Maria, 28, says. “Who wants to picnic or BBQ with a guy who counts his every calorie with an app?”

Women love men who enjoy life.

Take care of your surroundings.

Guess what’s high on the list of things that guarantee a happy hookup coming back for moreClean sheets, a clean bathtub, wine in the fridge, a tidy place, a cat, art books, and breakfast in bed are just a few.

“A guy who has a life and looks after it is far more attractive to me for return hookups than a ripped Adonis whose mother does his laundry,” says Abby, 40. “I’ve dated a lot since my divorce four years ago, and I’ve really developed an attraction to big guys because they are… er… more well-rounded.”

BHM attract all kinds of women.

Some BHM admirers are BBW, but don’t assume they’re just settling. Many chubby chicks like skinny men or stacked stallions too. Women who seek out big beautiful men or who don’t care because their attraction is based on other traits, come in all shapes and sizes.

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