The Truth about Sex with Big Beautiful Women

Curvacious Beauty

There’s an old cliché about how women who are overweight are awesome lovers because they rarely get a chance to hook up (because they’re often passed over for being overweight), so as a result they “dive in” wholeheartedly when those rare opportunities present themselves.

This isn’t entirely true. What is true is this:

  • Women are judged based on their weight.
  • Women are vilified for being overweight.
  • Overweight women can fuck like the best of them.
  • Overweight women can fuck circles around the rest of them.

I’ve had sex with many overweight women. The results are interesting.

There’s a category (thanks to the Internet) for these women, usually referred to as “chubbies.” I guess you could call me a “chubby chaser!” This in itself suggests there’s an attraction, that there’s something attractive about them, something men are searching for — something men return to. These are not women sitting at home crying and lonely.

But if I may be so bold — if only for the sake of this short post — as to generalize two significant types within the chubby category:

The Inexperienced Chubby

Indeed, there’s a nervousness about her, a shyness stemming from inexperience, and a fear of possible rejection because of her weight. But just like everyone else, she does have a libido looking to be addressed. And, although it sounds shitty, there probably is some truth in the idea that there’s a bit of pent-up sexiness looking to break free.

When it does, you’ll wanna be there.

The Experienced Chubby

She’s comfortable with her weight, and makes no apologies about it. And a woman who’s comfortable with her body is usually the best lay in town.

A guy once said to me (albeit rather rudely), “At some point in life you gotta try fucking a fat chick.” He tried it in the same way that some guys might try paying for sex, as though it were an experience not to be missed, if only once, as a novelty. As off-putting as he may have stated it, I agree with him in this regard: some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been with chubbies.

And then I’ve had sex with Inexperienced Chubbies, with not so good results.

We all have our preferences when it comes to appearances; but if sex is what you’re after, I can assure you that chubbies deserve all the consideration you’d afford any other woman. Look for a connection — if you find one, chances are the sex will rock.

The lesson here is a simple one: don’t judge the quality of a woman by her size. That and, if you do, you’re an asshole.

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