Cum Kink: What It Is and Ways to Play

Do you have a cum kink?

Since cum is kind of there, most of the time that a guy is there, classifying cum as a kink or fetish doesn’t always hit the mark. After all, it is absolutely necessary and at the center of the biological and or sacred purpose behind our sex drive—the recipe for baby-making depends on it!

Regardless, the cum fetish is real. Let’s take a look at the kink for cum and some fun ways to play.

What Makes Cum Kinky?

And it’s normal that cum talk or a splash is exciting from time to time, just as every other part of sex might stir arousal, such as her getting wet, hard nipples, caressing her curves and crevices, deep kissing—you name it.

That said, we all know that ejaculation and cum have a special thrill. Just the thought of it exploding from your cock or spraying on her mouth, titties, or thighs, and you’re hard and horny.

The idea of a glimpse of the slippery stuff oozing from her pussy lips amps it all up. There are millions of “creampie” videos to grant your fantasy desire.

But along the way you had the horrible realization that you are alone in your cum kink—you and all the other guys.

Do Women Find Cum Kinky?

It may seem unfair, but it’s true—most men find the idea of male ejaculation arousing, and most women don’t.

While this doesn’t make sense on the surface, a deeper dive into biology unlocks the mysteries. I’ve shared my theories before, but I think primate sperm competition and early imprinting and conditioning explain why guys find cum so hot.

You are competing with other males but specifically with other loads, if you will, when it comes to bonobo mating! And seeing your own stuff during early masturbation is associated with feeling good and excited.

For women, it’s so easy to get knocked up, we try to keep that stuff away—it only takes one drop! The male is trying to out-seed the other guys. We are playing defense!

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There are always exceptions. For certain guys I suddenly develop a taste for jizz. I believe this is all going on at a level of cell communication, chemical messenger stuff. Since I’m not planning a family at the moment, I ignore all this!

Another reason the cum kink might be so exciting is because the taboo and danger factor have been amped up. “The seed” always spelled danger—300 years ago it might have meant marrying someone and raising the resulting child, even though you just wanted a hookup. Expensive sperm!

For the past several decades, sex almost always ends inside a little plastic balloon we call a condom, tidily disposed of, so the thought of this dangerous substance freely slathered—something that seldom occurs—is golden.

How do you play with spunk safely if it is so potentially dangerous? How do you indulge your cum kink if so few ladies share your tastes?

6 Ways to Indulge Your Cum Kink

1. Find women who share your cum kink.

“Most” isn’t all. There are a few gals out there who crave cum. If you see her listing this lust in her dating profile, you can be sure she has been bombarded by all the boys.

So should you list your special interest in yours? That depends on how important it is to you. It might keep other women away. But if you have plenty of sex options and are specifically looking for someone who loves cumshot play now and again, then maybe.

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2. Play solo.

Sex doesn’t always involve partners. Solo play time is where all of us indulge our personal tastes and desires without having to worry about reality or someone else. Jerking off gives you the opportunity to make full use of those zillions of splish splash videos and slather yourself with your own jizz. Why not?

3. Find a domme or become a cuckold.

If pain and humiliation also happen to be your thrills, some BDSM and cuckolding relationships involve cum kink. If the thought of sucking another man’s froth out of her pussy makes you rock hard, extreme cuckolding often includes this kind of erotic humiliation.

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4. Find a lover who is open and giving.

She doesn’t have to be “into” something herself to indulge you a little now and again. Sex is a give and take—if you’re a generous lover, it’s likely you’ll get some sugar in return.

Don’t expect the average hookup or new lover to understand why you have your own sperm collected in vials in the freezer or anything. But generous girlfriends and horny hookups have been known to swallow!

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5. Get a handjob once in a while.

Sex often finishes “penis in vagina” and the humble handjob is seen as something you can administer yourself at home, something for early days before the “real” sex kicks in.

But getting an occasional handjob is your chance to watch your cum explode and ooze and feel it warm on her hands for a few seconds. You don’t get that in a rubber inside her.

When she’s already climaxed from oral or with you inside her, instead of finishing the old fashioned way, ask her to indulge your cum kink and finish you with her hand.

A handjob is also hot because it is versatile and can travel!

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6. Practice safe sex with creativity.

The creampie dream probably won’t come true until and unless you are with a lover you’re trying to knock up. When that time comes, make sure you enjoy every moment of that freedom!

The rest of the time, even with a willing partner, cum play will be complicated and you’ll have to use your imagination. It’s not safe for your jizz anywhere near her front or back door.

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Breasts are a good bet, butt cheeks, and even thighs. Spraying on her fully clothed or in pretty lingerie can be really exciting and mix things up visually while keeping everything safe.

A blowjob with lots of visuals of the ooze around her mouth is epic hot, yes, but most women will want to spit or swallow fairly quickly. And oral, while safer than the alternative, is not totally safe. If you’re a foot guy, spilling over her shoes or stockings or toes is heavenly.

You can do it in the shower to make clean up breezy. Coming in her hair is super safe and can be a really hot moment. It can be erotic to wash her hair up after.

No matter what, when it comes to your cum fetish, you’ll need to use some creativity and understand that your desires won’t often match hers, but there is still lots of fun to be had.

Do you have a cum kink? Dare to share in the comments?

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