Hookup Help: Looking for a Small Penis

Q: Dear Jenny. I am a single female looking to hook up with a man with a small penis. I’m interested in sex on a regular basis. Not sure where is the best place to look for this. Any suggestions? – Luanne

A: Dear Luanne. I’m always excited to answer questions from women, a rarity at Hookup Land, and also what I consider to be “different” questions. A lot of men want the same thing – no-strings-attached sex. And I will say, most of the women I’ve talked to prefer a big cock, so this is encouraging for men who worry that their penis size is less than average. Hooray for the little guy!

I have written before on this subject in “Great Sex No Matter What Your Size”. Size (length and girth) matters a lot more to men than to women, that is for sure. And to the men who are reading this: it can be too big. Sex with an XL cock always has to be careful, with no uninhibited thrusting which is a bit of a pain… ouch.

When you say small, it’s hard to know how small you mean, Luanne. I’m not sure if this is a fetish, so the size you might be looking for is acorn to pinky finger small, or if you’ve just had a bad big cock experience and want something a little smaller than average. If the latter is the case, these are easy to find. I lump about 80% of men in the just below average to just above average. The other 20% are on the ends of the penis size spectrum and are harder to find.

Of course, you can’t go around asking men what their size is before you hook up, so adult online dating sites are the best route, as they focus on finding sex. The men that frequent these sites are not going to be surprised to see a woman’s profile (where you can specify that you are interested in sex with men who have small penises). Also make sure to include you are looking for a regular hookup. You’re in the minority with your preference, so you may get a lot of interested responses!

Here is a list of adult dating sites and also Hookup Land dating site reviews that may be helpful when choosing where to join.

Readers: What are your thoughts on penis size? Is it a big deal?

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