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5 Ways to Satisfy Your Foot Fetish

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While a lot of men adore women’s feet, the one thing that is unique about this popular fetish is that it’s practiced through a wide variety of techniques. No two foot fetishists that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting have satisfied their kink in exactly same way.

While some worship methods are more pleasing to me than others, I always appreciate the devotion. I feel very happy that my current lover lavishes my tootsies.

If you love ladies’ luscious feet, here are just a few ways to satisfy your fetish.

5 Ways to Satisfy Your Foot Fetish

  1. Take her shopping. Most men with this fetish will have a shoe style they fancy, whether open-toe or stiletto, that showcase the beautiful feet within it. Treat her to a new pair of shoes that she loves and that turn you on.
  2. Buy her pantyhose. This isn’t as hard to fit as feet, so you should be able to recognize your gal as S, M, or L. Tights, fishnets, or stockings can show off her feet or hide them for a sexy reveal when you undress her during foreplay.
  3. Give her a massage. Most women find a foot rub a huge turn on. Not only is it relaxing and therapeutic, but also arousing. This is an easy way to score points with a gal who you haven’t had sex with yet.
  4. Offer a pedicure. While some women may be quite particular about who does her toes or how they are done, she may be laid back enough to trust her tootsies to your tender touch. If you’ve never done this, try practicing on a female friend first.
  5. Ask for a footjob. If you love feet and haven’t had one of these, you must try it. The issue here might be that some women don’t want to wrap their toes around your cock and squeeze, pull, and massage an orgasm out of you. Personally, I love it!

Of course, you may like licking and sucking, kissing and cradling her feet, heel toe, but try a few of my suggestions if you haven’t… most of these are sure to please both you and her.

How do you satisfy your foot fetish?

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