Barriers to Sex, but How You Can Still Get Laid

Getting laid isn’t about being young and hot, having the perfect body or tan, or driving the coolest car—it’s about making it happen.

It takes courage and practice to go after what you want. It’s about overcoming the excuses and insecurities that hold us back. Whether the barriers are in our body or mind, real or false, they can be overcome.

What’s holding you back from meeting women for sex?


Accepting the human body’s limitations is tricky, when we are bombarded with images from cinema and aftershave commercials where people are artificially flawless and acrobatically mobile.

But real people have all kinds of health conditions, some serious. It’s one thing to skip sex when we need a time out, but facing long-term health challenges can be lonely.

Your best bet is to come clean in your online profile, or speak frankly about your needs with people in your life that care for you.There ARE understanding lovers out there, and there are also millions of people in the same boat as you are. Find her.


Although I advise all people to eat smart and be as active as you can be, we can’t all wait for sex until we’re perfect.

Get over your fears of someone seeing your body, and grant yourself the same realism you have for others. Look around—a lot of people are overweight. Yet not all them are feeling sorry for themselves or thinking they’ll never get laid. They are enjoying fun, laughter, and orgasms.

The only thing that annoys me about chubby men is that some of them won’t date chubby women. All of my fat girlfriends are going out with basketball players, I swear, while the chubby guys are at home watching the game by themselves. Time to get out there.

You’re a 4

It’s one thing to be a seven, or even a six—it’s another to end up on the short end of the stick.

I feel you, but the truth is, it’s just another excuse. “Below average” people are clearly managing to make babies all the time.

If you can’t put an outfit together and have a bad haircut, tackle those things with a trusted pal. But if your hygiene is good and you have a sense of humor, I can assure you that you are at least a six.

Low Libido

Low libido can be a barrier to sex—no kidding—but those with a low-to-no sex drive might still be want touch and companionship, or very occasional sex.

The key to finding a partner who won’t be unsatisfied is total disclosure. There are all kinds of women who just want to cuddle or hold hands or have a deep, intimate friendship.

Look up resources for asexual people or for dating with low sex drive. It will be a relief to many women to have the chance to meet you.

Unattractive Personality

Here’s the only real reason someone could find it impossible to get laid.

If you are so self-centered and obnoxious that no one can stand to be around you, it’s going to be hard to get naked with anyone.

If you recognize yourself here, you are a rare breed and there’s actually hope to improve your horrible personality. Most guys like this couldn’t possibly see themselves as the problem, but if you know this is you, get professional help from a coach, therapist, and a good friend—if you have any.

Tell them the truth—you’ve been stuck in your ways too long and want practical help developing social skills and a sense of humor.

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