Attracting a Man to Your Dating Profile

Everyone has such different tastes, and what might attract me to a woman’s profile wouldn’t ever necessarily attract someone else. But there are some universal basics.

I like to read that a woman is confident in knowing what she’s looking for. What she’s looking for may not be me, but at least I won’t waste my time trying. What I don’t want to see is what she isn’t looking for. That often comes across as too critical, possibly judgemental, and probably rude.

I like an honest pic. I really don’t care what you look like, what colour your skin is, or what your stats are. Being comfortable with yourself is far more attractive, and hiding behind a pic that’s poorly lit and/or out-of-focus will only make others suspicious that you have something to hide.

So you have a perfectly honest pic, but I prefer a profile that doesn’t rely on that shot of you in your awesome bikini. To post a hot pic of yourself and nothing more suggests that you don’t need to offer anything else in your profile. Think again, hun. If you’re looking to hook up with a guy who may be interested in you for more than your tits, you’ll have to do better and add a few words.

This next one is going to sound pedantic, but I swear I’m not alone (besides, it’s a good practice to get into) — DO NOT ALLOW TYPOS. You’re not writing a book (Please! Don’t write a book’s-worth of self-description! We’ll think you’re garrulous, and we’ll worry no one in your presence will ever get a word in edgewise!). And if what you have to say about yourself is short and sweet, then really, how hard is it to spell check it? Surely you don’t want guys to think you didn’t get past grade three…?

Another simple addition to the profile is a teeny list—I said “list”, not paragraphs—of what interests her most (non-dating-related). Anyone who’s paying attention will either quickly find something in common, or should know better than to knock. For instance, in my own case, if I read that a woman is sports-crazy, I won’t bother, and she won’t wanna bother with me, I assure you.

Unless said-sports-crazy-woman has hot tits in her bikini pic, that is…..(heehee!)

…and for the men: Write a Profile that Gets the Girl

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