How to be a Man Women Want

Women are uniquely different, but many of us are attracted to the same things when looking for a man. I came to this conclusion after years of conversations with women who complain about what’s lacking in relationships and who share the good things they have found.

You probably possess some of these qualities that impress women, but there’s always room for improvement and self-awareness. Here are tips on how to be the man women want:

Sense of Humour
If you can make a woman laugh, you’re halfway there. A natural sense of humor is gold when dating because you appear as if you’re not trying too hard. You may think of yourself as a funny guy and then meet a woman who won’t crack a smile. Having a different sense of humor does not bode well for success, move on.

If you know who you are and like who you are, this will come across as confidence and maturity – super attractive. Embrace your eccentricities and don’t be afraid to show a woman your quirks.

A real man always treats a woman with respect – in public and behind closed doors. This includes holding doors open, anticipating her needs, and listening. I expect men to have this down pat, but sadly there are a lot of guys that don’t treat women the way they should.

You can still be a manly man and be sensitive in front of a woman. We want to see all your sides – the tough guy and the empathetic nurturer. Don’t be afraid to show your soft side in your actions not only with us, but also with others.

Goals and Interests
A man who has short and long-term goals is a man who knows what he wants. A woman will feel more secure with a guy who is working towards something. Passions give a man character and a uniqueness that women love. If we share interests, all the better.

Surprisingly, some men need to be reminded that showering every day and smelling good are musts when dating. If she doesn’t think you smell good, then you may not make it through the first date. Don’t sabotage yourself – get clean.

A man who doesn’t take care of himself usually has low-self esteem – not attractive. Physical activity is sexy and masculine. We also like a man who eats more than fast-food junk. Culinary skills always impress.

A woman wants a man who puts a little effort into his looks, especially on a first date. Don’t tell us what you did, we should notice that you look different than you do when you play Xbox with the guys.

Guys: What qualities do you possess that women are attracted to?


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