How to Keep a Woman Interested

You’ve been hunting for so long. Searching for the woman of your dreams and, you’ve finally found her. Now you wanna keep her, right? Easier said than done. Let’s run down some tips to keep her interested.

A distinct scent is one key to distinguishing yourself from all the competition swarming around. Your unique scent reminds your lady of what it’s like to be around you – fun happy good times. That’s if you smell good, of course. Take care of that b.o. boy!

Live Your Own Life
It’s ok to be really into your amazing woman, but not TOO into her. If you don’t have your own thing going on and try to monopolize her time, you’re pretty much doomed fellas. This holds true with women of all ages and especially with our beloved cougars who know exactly what they want, when they want it, and most importantly how much they want. If you back an animal into a corner, they feel trapped. Humans are no different!

It’s All About Her Not You
I’ve been reminded of this a lot over the years. There’s nothing women hate more than a dude who wants to talk about himself incessantly and who pays little or no attention to what makes his hottie tick. Guys, really? Take your time revealing things about yourself. Pay attention to their wants, fears, desires, frustrations and day to day stories and less about your new toys, ok? This will go a long way in keeping that flame lit.

No Games
We’re talking about women here, not girls! A real catch worth keeping is sick of guys who plays games. They’ve seen it all and are over it. If you’re playing the field and juggling multiple women, then ya, you might have to have a few tricks up your sleeve, but if you’ve got a genuine relationship you want to keep, then ditch the game play all together.

Lose The Ego
Let’s face it, you might be getting a bit high and mighty now that you’ve got a beautiful woman by your side. It happens, especially if your lady gets looks every time you’re out. Who wouldn’t feel good. But don’t bring it home and let it infect the relationship. A humble dude that knows how to treat his woman right is where the real confidence lies.

Guys: how do you keep a woman interested?

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