Women with High Sex Drives

Woman on Top of Lover

It’s not exactly a problem—most men want their dates horny—but sometimes a woman’s libido is bona fide nymphomania. If you secretly find it hard to keep up, or keep it up, count yourself lucky anyhow.

Horny chicks tell us what it’s like to have a super-charged sex drive!

“I’ve been masturbating two or three times a day since I was a tween. The tension is terrible, honestly. It’s so nice when you’ve just had sex, that feeling of satiation and satisfaction. And it’s fleeting. I’m horny again within minutes. I know it sounds like it could be fun to be this horny. But I’d like to focus on other things, like sports, martini night with the girls, and knitting for my grandkids. Yes, I said grandkids. Not even menopause reduced my sex drive. This old gal is still going strong.” – Brenda, 62

“I HAVE to have an open relationship and lots of hookups because no matter how horny my partner is, he can’t do me as often as I need it. I sometimes come if I cough or if I can feel the bass speaker at a party. It’s ridiculous. There is obviously something wrong hormonally, or definitely outside of the norm.

I keep one of those cute little vibrating bullets in my purse. When I can’t take it anymore I slip out to my car and just drop it between my legs, fully clothed, and come instantly. It relieves the tension.” – Tara, 29

“I’ve always been a lot more horny than my girlfriends, who sometimes complain that their dates want so much sex. My dates never want as much as I do!” – Terri, 27

“My boyfriend is a twice a week kind of guy. Twice for me is how you start and finish the date during slow times. Our sex life and connection is great, it’s just that I need a lot more. I do what a lot of dudes do—sneak around the porn sites to blow my load when I’m not getting enough.” – Abby, 34

“I have zero interest in dating guys who aren’t into sex just for sex. If it’s all about love or emotion or making babies, I respect that, but it’s just not what I’m looking for. I want no-strings-attached sex, but one offs don’t cut it. I have five or six lovers on the go at a time, and like to hook up as often as possible with each one.

By making it clear with my hookups that it’s just about sex, I save time—I can drop by a lover’s place on my way to work for a quickie, and spend an hour and a shower after dinner with someone else, then go home to top it off with my husband. That’s always the hottest one—he never masturbates just so he can keep up with me, and I tell him the filthy stories of the day. It’s an intense routine that we never get tired of.” – Caroline, 25

“I love it. I feel alive all the time. A song or a soccer ad or a sensual smell in the garden brings that familiar flooding of blood to my center, and then I feel open and connected to the world. My partner loves it too. We have sex whenever possible, and have probably never missed a day.” – Elizabeth, 36

“I love sex. It’s a really important part of my life, and I wouldn’t want to go without it. Since I’m in chef school I don’t have a lot of time for a partner, so the Internet has been a godsend. I can arrange discreet hookups with hot guys, no strings attached. But I’m looking forward to sharing this with one person one day—someone as horny as me I hope!” – Lorelei, 24

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