Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

I can’t imagine living in a world that doesn’t allow open relationships. I’d die. Possibly of boredom.

People in open relationships are so laid back, without sexual hangups, and they have awesome sex lives. And no wonder—

  • We get laid more often.
  • Sex is always exciting. Nothing freshens up the routine like a new routine.
  • We learn new tricks from different partners, tricks we can bring home.
  • That destructive J-word (jealousy) is gagged.
  • We make more connections for group sex.

Sounds like life as I wanna live it. And I like to imagine it makes me a more well-rounded individual (some of my ex’s may beg to differ, but, what do they know).

Sure, there are risks, and I suppose it’s only fair to consider them. Can you handle this:

  • Maybe your partner will hookup with someone “better” and leave you.
  • Maybe your partner will do things with someone else that he/she won’t do with you.
  • Maybe your partner will bring home a disease.

If your relationship is on solid ground, these snags can easily be addressed beforehand. Chances are your resistance to open relationships stems from jealousy, which is always unhealthy anyway. Address your jealousy issues first, because open relationships or otherwise, jealousy will find a way for spoil your fun. Always.

Getting around is a blast, and healthy! The best thing to do is tell your partner who else you’re seeing, and even to discuss what you get up to. Outside relationships work best when their effect bolsters the primary relationship. Once again, honesty rules.

And if it’s not for you, just say so up front. Your partner will either play ball or you can find someone who will, no harm done. Be honest about your expectations and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

But isn’t life too short not to have as much bootie as you can get, while you can still get it?

Yes. And yes.

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