My All-Time Hottest Sexual Encounters: Part 2

Last week I started diving into what has turned out to be a fairly deep and fruitful well of amazing sexual experiences that I’m happy to say belong to me! I’ve had so many steamy encounters that I just had to share some of them with you guys. I hope that in doing so you might see that great sex is meant to be fun and creative and spontaneous! It’s much more than a collection of moves brought forth at the right place and time. It’s an adventure and an expression of joy between two people. I mean, yes, sometimes it’s just a quick and meaningless fuck in a bathroom stall, but that’s a post for another day.

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Midnight Madness
This memory stands out as particularly hot for two reasons: 1) I was super horny, and 2) I was in my boss’ bed with someone who wasn’t my boss, although I can see how that might have been hot, too. I was working as a house sitter and my boyfriend was visiting me for the afternoon but missed his train, so he had to stay the night. Out of a sense of professionalism, I had planned on keeping things PG, but that didn’t last long. My boyfriend could always tell when I wanted him and he totally played on that.

He started with some sexy nipple play, then kissed me with increased intensity. Before I knew it we were fucking hard. I was holding onto the headboard with both hands above my head and he was basically screaming my name. The neighbor gave us a very dirty look the next day. I think it was both the surprise and the taboo nature of the experience that made it so hot for both of us.

The Challenge
The whole thing started when my boyfriend asked me how many orgasms I could have in a row. I laughed a bit and said something like, “Three by man, five by hand.” I thought it was a pretty clever response, but he didn’t even notice because he was too busy focusing on how he was going to try to break that record.

He went down on me for about an hour, all the while listening intently as I offered him guidance. He was so good at softening his approach just a little bit after each orgasm so that my clit wouldn’t become oversensitive. By the end of things, he had made me cum six times! It was incredible! By that point I was so exhausted and completely satisfied, not to mention impressed!

Sex Lessons
In retrospect, I might have to file this experience under “reckless” in the historical archives of my sex life but I have no regrets. I had been without a partner for several months and decided to take a chance online with a man who was offering “sex lessons.” Sounds legit, right? Thankfully I have a highly developed intuition, and I just felt there was something honest and appealing about this guy. We met for coffee and before long ended up back at his place.

To say he was a master of cunnilingus is a total understatement. Oh. My. Lord. He did this thing where he isolated my clit by sucking it gently and holding it between his teeth while flicking his tongue rapidly over top of it. He was also a trained chef and would prepare these gourmet meals for me when ever I came over. I was sad to see him set sail for Europe a few months later. (Yeah…) So guys, remember, it doesn’t hurt to spoil your lady a little bit.

My All-Time Hottest Sexual Encounters: Part 1

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