My All-Time Hottest Sexual Encounters: Part 1

When I sit down to write these posts, I try to draw upon my personal experiences. Sometimes the words come out dripping in bossy, ahem, angry undertones which might lead you to think I’ve dated nothing but assholes.

The truth is, I’ve known some really wonderful men and it’s high time I paid homage to them by sharing some of my all-time hottest memories and letting you in on the secrets of what these guys did right! It’s not just a case of simple technique, as you are about to discover, but a whole constellation of intentions and events that come together in the formation of incredible sex.

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My First Time
I’m one of those lucky women who can say that losing her virginity felt amazing. Sure it hurt a bit, but I didn’t mind that much because my boyfriend had taken the time to give me several orgasms before he went for it. He probably spent around three hours just making sure that I was happy and enjoying myself. He had mad skills with oral sex. I could tell he really loved doing it as he was really passionate and paid close attention to my body’s responses. I was so wet and satisfied that it was really easy for him to penetrate me. He made sure to ask me before he did it and was careful not to go too hard at first. The other thing that made the experience so special for me is that he didn’t pressure me at all to have sex. We had been together for a few months and he had even made the effort to meet my family beforehand. We also talked about it ahead of time so it wasn’t a surprise. A+ to the guy who popped my cherry. (Do people even say that anymore?)

The Long Goodbye
I had been dating this guy for about a year and a half. He lived in the next town and we only ever saw each other on the weekends, so our time together was often rushed. We weren’t having a ton of sex at some point. I think he was stressed out with work and I was feeling a bit neglected. One night as he was heading for the door to catch his train, we shared this kiss that turned super passionate. I don’t know what did it, but I remember that he picked me up and carried me to the bed. He basically ripped my clothes off and fucked me with such abandon that I could hardly catch my breath. The thing that made it so hot was the sheer force of his desire and the way that he took charge. He knew I wanted it and he knew what I liked because he had taken the time to learn throughout the course of our relationship. I don’t think the roughness of his approach would have been as hot for me without the trust we shared between us.

Old Friends
This is another example of how really great sex can’t be rushed. There’s a man in my life that I’ve known for many years. We met in university and developed a fairly close friends-with-benefits thing that has been infrequent but ongoing. When we were younger, the sex was good, but neither of us really put much effort into it. We would laugh a lot and even have elaborate conversations while we fucked. (Sounds bizarre I know, but it made sense at the time.) A few years ago he came to my city for a visit and we ended up having a very intense time together. He gave me this powerful orgasm just from taking things really slow and building up the desire. I could feel how much he wanted me to cum and it made me just explode under his touch. This time when we opened our mouths to speak, really dirty stuff came out. He said things to me that no other man would be permitted to say; things about how he “owned my pussy” and about how “no one fucks me like he does.” Normally I would have found that kind of thing insulting, but because it was coming from him and because we actually feel a lot of love and respect for one another, it was nothing but hot.

My All-Time Hottest Sexual Encounters: Part 2

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