Foods to Eat After Sex

Isn’t it true that sex is nature’s calorie burner? Then I say we’re entitled to a bit of a pig-out afterwards. Especially if the sex was awesome. I feel we’ve earned it.

Like any planning/prep you’d undergo for a hookup, your post-coital munchies require some forethought. If you get laid a lot, be sure you’re always stocked, just like your condom supply. If you’re meeting at your lover’s place, show up with food rather than flowers. (Better yet, both.)

What I like to eat after sex is a feast, in bed, and I don’t care whether or not the foods compliment each other. Why shouldn’t the eating be as gluttonous as the fucking? I adore when a lover and I share a trough of self-indulgence.

– Bring on the Doritos. I have no shame in stuffing my face until I’m wearing a cheese glove, certainly not if I make her come. Besides, I’m not completely classless: I also like to dive into the…

– Caviar. With a scoop. And you don’t have to spend a fortune. Less than ten bucks will get you something tasty. So far so savory. But if you really wanna treat your lover to a post-rollercoaster rollercoaster, then dish out the…

– Hagen Daaz. Don’t be cheap—you just got laid. A high-end brand is sweet and creamy and custardy—perfectly sexy. And don’t get anything too chocolaty-chunky cuz up next are…

– Some sort of hazelnutty praline truffly chocolates. How can you not? Besides the complete deliciousness of it all, hopefully the sugar rush alone will pump you up for round two. And to help wash it all down…

– Gatorade. Replenishing your electrolytes isn’t a bad idea in the circumstances.

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All my hookups are surprised by my preparedness of food, and all are thrilled. The post-sex meal becomes a highlight of its own (and I’m not ashamed to say it ups my street cred!)

I recommend making the effort. Imagine the response to whipping out caviar for your lover after awesome sex!

If the sex wasn’t so hot, just offer up the Doritos.

And the Gatorade.

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