Food Before Sex?

Love à la Carte

I love food. A good meal is as important to me as good sex. Not only do I not get hung-up about eating while on a date, I’m uneasy about women who do.

As far as I’m concerned, a woman who loves food is a woman who loves life. Granted, if I meet someone online and we’re interested in hooking-up, I don’t expect to spend our first date eating without utensils in an arena wherein we’re served by wenches while watching knights joust. A first date is (usually) about getting a vibe: a short coffee-date will do. But if we hit it off, and agree to meet again, it better be for food.

There are many arguments against culinary indulgence at the beginning of a relationship, but not all of them are fair. Some, I must concede, are. Here’s my breakdown of the two considerations:


The Price: It’s Date #2. You’re interested in each other, obviously; so don’t be so cheap about spending money on a great meal.

The Mess: Even without the jousting knights, eating something like delicious ribs, for instance (or whatever kind of food requires you to eat with your face) is not only fun, it displays a love of life (see paragraph 2, above)

The Satisfaction: Food is euphoric, and some folks (possibly even myself, but that’s a totally different post, and one that will be coming to this website soon) consider an awesome meal even better than sex*.

*Although you absolutely gotta take into consideration the possibility that, after eating a huge feast, all the sex you imagined having later that evening may – just may – have to be held-off until Date #3. The post-gluttony crash may leave you mired in cuddle-mode, at best. But, really, is that so bad?


The Shits: Seriously, until you know each other a little better, staying away from Indian, or say, Ethiopian cuisine, is the better option. The last thing you want to have happen on Date #2 is a rumbly-bowel preoccupation.  You get the idea.


So if you’re the kinda girl who loves to plan sex in and around the food schedule rather than the other way around, then I’m your man.

And you can find me here, with my meaty bone in my hand, waiting for you.

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