How to Make Her Forget Her Last Lover

Women keep track of the men they’ve slept with, whether they were long-time partners or one-night hookups. It’s none of your business though, so don’t ever ask a woman how many lovers she’s had or when she last had sex. Just know that a woman will find it hard to forget a great lover unless you are able to eclipse his sexual prowess. This is why I recommend you bring your A-game to all your hookups.

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So what makes a hookup unforgettable? It’s not just one thing, and of course there will be variables that are unique to every woman you meet, but here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Aim to please. Always go in with this in mind. Sometimes it’s hard… when you’re hard, but take things slow and don’t get ahead of yourself. Make it your mission to make her cum.

Explore her body. Remember, she’s not just a vagina! When you treat her body like a map, and wander every inch, you’ll find the spots that are unique to her, that turn her on the most. Maybe she gets wet when you rub the soles of her feet, or perhaps she starts to tingle when you kiss her lower back.

Ask her what she likes. This can be tricky, as someone you’ve just met might either be shy in revealing their secret desires or just not feel the trust necessary to say something like, I love anal while being tied up. Even if you don’t get a response on your first try, she’ll appreciate the thought.

Always go down. Never expect to get a blow job, if you don’t reciprocate. I’m appalled at the number of men who either don’t give oral or who just aren’t that into it. Sorry fellas, but without this skill, you’re likely not only to be forgotten, but to also force her to pull out her little black book.

Practice to perfect your skills. You have to know what you’re doing and adjust to each woman’s individual turn-ons. A tongue swirl might work for one gal, while another may prefer deep tongue thrusts and a little nibbling of her labia. The female orgasm need not be complicated. 

Be confident. There’s nothing worse than a hesitant lover. Yes, some women like to dominate, but most of us like nothing better than a man who finds us so irresistible he wants to undress us before throwing us on the bed. Make her feel like she’s your first and last and only… at least for that night.

How do you make a lasting impression?

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