The Post-Hookup Getaway Plan

Sometimes a one-night stand can turn into something more. But if you’re definitely not interested in a relationship and are only hooking up to satisfy your desires then watch your step. She may have agreed on a fling only, but if the sex was awesome she will likely want to see you again. Women have more trouble separating sex from feelings. Let me give you tips on avoiding such murky waters.

Why It’s Better To Get It On At Her Place

Women are more comfortable in their own home. They will become more easily aroused in a familiar environment.

You don’t have to clean your place or hide your porn collection.

Maybe she has a roommate, threesome anyone? Not likely, but dreaming never hurts.

You can leave at anytime. If things go south before sex then you can make a clean getaway. Or you can quietly slip out while she’s sleeping if you’ve gotten everything you are after.

Rules To Follow

Don’t stay for breakfast. More conversation and eye contact will draw her further in.

Derail any suggestions she may have to meet later.

Do not engage in any morning routines at her place such as showering, having coffee, or reading the paper.

If she has pets (even if you love animals) don’t get too cozy with them. She will read it: he likes my cat/dog so he must like me – in that way.

Don’t overshare about yourself. The more she knows the easier it will be for her to find you if she’s keen.

You don’t have to leave in the middle of the night, but don’t lie in bed with her half the day, even if you are tired. This always says to a woman, I want more than sex.

Be excuse ready. Have a list of reasons you can rattle off is she wants you to stay or see you again. Being prepared will make your answers much more believable.

Guys: what helps you get out of this oft times tricky situation?

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