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Is Chivalry Dead?

There’s a lot of debate amongst men and women whether chivalry is an archaic behaviour that no longer has a place in the dating game or if it’s still a respected yet dying ritual. After all, it is firstly defined as a medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code, and secondly as a man’s courteous behaviour, esp. towards women.

Some women believe chivalry is sexist because the treatment is gender-based while others simply see it as good manners.

Feminists might say acts of chivalry are a way a man takes charge and puts himself in control, that by exhibiting this behaviour a man expects something in return. Do men only act chivalrous to women they want to fuck?

When a man helps me put on my cardigan or opens a door, I don’t see it as a display of dominance, I just see him as being polite and thoughtful. I don’t help guys on with their coats, but I do hold doors open for those around me, and not just men.

If a guy does have ulterior motives for his ‘courteous behaviour’, I think it is usually transparent and evident by other deciding factors such as location, demeanor, and mannerism. I don’t need a man to do anything that is considered chivalrous; I’m a strong, able, confident woman, but I am attracted to a man who acts like a gentleman.

I say to men: keep chivalry alive! If you run into a woman who is offended by it, well . . . she isn’t the right one for you.

The word chivalry isn’t even part of many young people’s vocabulary. So is this behaviour still deemed a worthy characteristic for men to possess, and do women still appreciated it?

How do you view chivalry? Is it part of your personality?

Tell us what you think!

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7 years ago

I think chivalry just means to be courteous nowadays. No self-respecting man is going to ruin his coat for a high maintenance woman regardless if she is going to be giving him herself later on. Although always walking on the side of traffic whether in a parking lot or on a sidewalk is something a man can do to make her feel safe. Putting on her coat for her is a nice gesture, but generally today women aren’t dressed for such occasions. ie. “dressed up” Opening doors should be for anybody. Also helping the elderly should be something everybody does.… Read more »

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