Can Great Sex Carry a Relationship Forever?

No, no it can’t. But great sex can certainly carry a relationship for quite a while if both parties put their minds to it. The tricks are to work hard at it and not work at it at all. Confusing? Read on.

Of course it’s easy for sex to become routine when you’re with the same person exclusively for an extended period. C’est la vie. (Although I do know people who eat the same breakfast or dinner 7-days a week, I think it’s safe to say that most of us wouldn’t choose to do so. Same goes for sex.) Being in love with your partner certainly adds an element of longevity and commitment to making the sex work, but, good luck with that.

It’s the sex-only relationships we’re dealing with here; and even if what you have is awesome, you’re in desperate need of a wake-up call if you think it’ll last forever. I don’t care how compatible you are: sex gets stale, new gets old.

If you have the stomach for it, these little tricks have always worked for me:

  • Plain and simple: don’t have exclusive sex. It keeps things fresh, so that things always stay awesome whenever you hookup with your fave partner. The dips in between will do you good. Not for everyone, though.
  • Space out your hookups. Waiting works, I promise. The anticipation will kill you, but when the hour of love arrives, you’ll burn down the house.
  • Keep the dirty texts flying. Tease each other to the point of bursting. Sure, there’s always a chance your sexts will end up on the evening news, but whatevs. It’s worth the risk!
  • Start a to-do-in-bed list. Make it long. Make sure you never get through it. Always have something to look forward to.
  • Share your sexiest — and darkest — fantasies. Who says you have to act on them? Speaking fantasy-smut is not only great foreplay, it fosters an intimate sexual connection.

Obviously all this is coming from a guy who isn’t looking for any sort of LTR. But if your priority is like mine — great sex, whenever/wherever you can get it — then you’ll wanna give my list a try.

Or, fuck it: go poly!

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