Hookup Help: How to Make a Woman Feel Sexy

Q: Dear Jenny. I’m dating a beautiful, very hot woman at the moment. Problem is, she doesn’t think of herself as sexy, which makes her all the more sexy to me! I think if she would only realize how much she turns me on, she would have more confidence during sex. What’s the best way to make a woman feel sexy? -Randy

A: Hi Randy. I understand the humble thing. When someone is all-get-out and they don’t know it, it make them all the more attractive. Even the hottest woman sometimes can’t see herself that way… and this is where you come in.

3 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Sexy

1. Compliment Her
Compliments need to be genuine and come straight from the heart. Tell her how good she looks in that new dress (women love when a men notice details!) Comment on her new perfume, that you find her scent alluring. Women also will feel sexy when men praise them for their abilities, at home or in their work.

2. Be Affectionate
Women want to feel desirable, and she will if her man is affectionate. This can be at home or out in public. Caressing, hand holding, or lightly rubbing her back are all gestures that will make her feel sexy. An erotic massage before sex is another great way to express how beautiful and sexy you think she is.

3. Buy Her Lingerie
Giving her something beautiful to wear, that only you will see, is a sure-fire way of telling her you love and are attracted to her. Most women have body issues, so play up to her parts that not only you appreciate but what she feels most comfortable with.

Sometimes men think their partner is hot, but don’t actually say the words. Tell her often how sexy you find her. This can only help to build her confidence and self-esteem.

How do you make a woman feel sexy?

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