Hookup Help: Breast Play Ideas

Q: Dear Jenny. Is squeezing women’s breasts good during sex? -Abdul

A: Hi Abdul. Of course I can’t speak for every woman, but I sure like a man playing with my breasts during sex. It’s one of the most erogenous zones on a woman’s body, so it just adds to her pleasure. Most women will like you to play with her breasts before, during, and after sex. If you’re not sure what a new partner likes when it comes to breast play, just ask. Women appreciate a man who aims to please and is interested in her specific turn ons. Depending on your partner, she may like a very gentle touch or she may want something much rougher, like nipple clamps. But most ladies will like it somewhere in between. The breasts are very sensitive when a woman is aroused, so you can take this into consideration.

Try these 5 types of breast play with your lover:

1. Sucking – this feels very good for a woman, but not all are into it because it may remind them of breastfeeding. Just be careful with the teeth unless she likes a little nibbling.

2. Licking – using your tongue to tantalize a woman’s nipples is great foreplay. After licking her, blow gently on the wet area to give her a cooling sensation.

3. Squeezing – this is perfect when you’re behind a woman during doggie-style sex. Hold onto her hips while pulling her towards you.

4. Waxing – if you’re into sensory play with a bit of an edge you can try dripping hot wax onto her breasts and nipples. The farther you drip from, the less intense the heat will be.

5. Icing – this is very arousing and will have a woman’s nipples hard fast. A perfect sensation to bring to a hot and sweaty lovemaking session.

In my experience, not enough men pay nearly enough attention to the breasts before or during sex, so I’m always excited (and wet) when a man is into breast play. If he has a breast fetish, even better.

What do you like doing with a woman’s breasts?

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