Why Guys Love Chubby Women

There’s a sorry stereotype for some that overweight women stay home on weekends crying into a tub of ice cream. Of course, in our puritanical and judgmental society, if said fat girl is out all night, riding her boy toy into the sunset, then she must be a slut with low self-esteem. Enough already.

My own taste in women tends towards large and in charge. I love being with women who are abundant, generous, and open. It’s a taste I share with many male lovers.

Chubby love is nothing new. Check out vintage ads from the fifties, and you’ll see awkward sales pitches for lotions and shakes with headlines like “Men wouldn’t look at me when I was skinny!” or “Gain 15 pounds, so you can turn heads like her!”

And some guys prefer big beautiful women (BBW) who are REALLY large, not just packing a few extra inches.

Why Do Men Love Chubby Women

Men love women—all women.

Many guys have a very specific woman in mind when it comes to sexual attraction. Maybe he loves leggy Nordic ski bunnies, or older women, or sexy Black women, or redheads. But many more like all kinds of women—tall, short, Black, white, Asian, Latina, younger, older, thin, and fat.

Some guys legitimately feel that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and some are simply open to all kinds of outsides—as long as they get inside, lol.

Abundant bodies have been symbolic of plenty, or of goddess energy, in various cultures.

Not all cultures value stick thin only as beautiful. In many traditions, round bodies equate health and wealth, rather than symbolizing illness and lack of self-control. Fat on a female signals fertility and ripeness in many cultures, and in others it is a sign of femininity itself.

It only makes sense that in a multicultural world, there are all kinds of customs and connections, and some guys simply find luscious curvy women more attractive or as attractive as any other women.

Most women in the west are overweight.

It’s simple arithmetic—most women in the USA (and Mexico, and many other nations) are considered overweight. So a guy who is hoping to date and get laid has a lot more options if he is not hung up on a particular body type.

The fact that many men and women are chubby also means that a dude’s experiences of pleasures are connected to lovers who are chubby. Erotic experiences help create preferences.

We don’t have to believe being chubby is healthy or morally superior to accept that in the modern world it is incredibly common, and human beings are sexual and need sex, and are capable of giving and receiving sexual pleasure whatever their bodies are like.

Chubby women may be less self-conscious and more free spirited.

To function sexually inside a body judged by others against impossible standards, some chubby women have overcome a lot of personal demons and esteem issues.

One of my favorite lovers is a fat woman who runs a health food blog. You can imagine the obstacles and derision she has faced by morons who assume she doesn’t follow her own recipes! She had to get comfortable in the body she lives in, and exudes sexual confidence.

Men love the feeling of flesh.

Men love chubby girls simply because it feels good. Who wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into all those curves? Watching that ass jiggle like Jell-O and plunging your dick into that warm body feels fantastic!

Are you attracted to women with a little extra? Share your preference in the comments!

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