What Men Need to Know about Menstruation

There’s nothing that gets in the way of my sex life more than menstruation. It’s infuriating! Worse than the inconvenience, embarrassment, pain, depression, and bad moods is sometimes guys’ attitudes.

If you’re irritated when your hookup cancels, just remember how SHE must feel.

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Once I was getting hot and heavy with a new stud. After I treated him to a leisurely dick sucking, I pulled my panties aside, ready for my turn. To my horror, there was blood running down my thigh. Usually I have a day or two of warning signals—tender titties, cramps, nausea. It was also only half way through the month so I certainly wasn’t expecting my period. But there it was.

I couldn’t believe it when he said, “I thought you were a good girl, what are you trying to pull on me?” Say what? News flash buddy—your attitude makes you an asshole.

If he’d been more mature, I would have pulled up my panties and finished off his blowjob. But I sent him packing and never called him again.

Don’t be that guy. Here’s what you should know.

If you’re old enough to have sex, you’re old enough to be an adult about women’s menstrual cycles.

The facts of life aren’t just titillating tidbits for your instant gratification. They include medical, biological, and practical realities. Shame and disgust at natural realities is just as toxic as shame about sex.

It’s gross for us too, hello.

Some people faint at the site of blood. Try having a period if you’re that person! If you can’t handle a little accident, imagine how women feel going through this every month for forty years of their lives.

They’re unpredictable.

We can’t always be prepared. They’re called menstrual cycles because most women have a cyclical pattern to their periods. But that doesn’t mean they always go that way. Stress, a change in diet, a new sex partner, illness, time zones, and birth control are just a few of the things that can change it up without our consent!

She can’t help it. Really.

Whether it’s nausea, painful cramps, mood swings, or bad timing—she can’t help it.

Not making a big deal and not being afraid will make you sought after.

Being attuned, understanding, patient, and comfortable makes you a better man.

Here’s a secret for the average joe. You can distinguish yourself from the sea of men out there. A man who is not a dink about what I can’t help is far more valuable as a sex partner, date, or friend than a Brad Pitt look-alike or a Mr. Universe bodybuilder. Trust me on this.

Lots of women are super horny during their periods.

Go figure. It’s a crap time to be horny. Even though we’re horny, we might not want to have sex. Why? Because our boobs hurt, cramps, heavy flow, gas, and bad moods.

When I’m horny as hell but can’t bear to be touched, my solution is win-win: I will suck you off while I get myself off under my panties.

Then we both get off but I don’t have to worry about feeling ill or making a mess. Warning: some months, this will happen quite a few times in one day!

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