Toys and Accessories for Casual Hookups

Sex toys are a great way to spice up any session, even hookups. Of course, you don’t want to whip out some toys or accessories the first night you meet someone. You might be worried how your hookup will view you if your toys are super kinky, or you might just want to wait until you know someone more intimately. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pull out a few things to enhance your one night stand.

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Toys and Accessories for Casual Hookups

Handcuffs. A good set of restraints are always a welcome surprise. Any time I pull my my metal cuffs out of the goodie drawer, a man’s eyes open wide. I like being restrained or using them on a man. And I keep an extra key in a safe place. I recommend being with someone more than one night to use handcuffs. 

Eye mask. I sleep with one every night, so it’s right there, but any type of scarf or tie will do. I just love blindfolding someone and using all types of sensory objects to tease and tantalize. It’s also great for temperature play.

Riding crop. Spanking is a great way to be aroused and I like taking it and giving it. I always say, being able to switch from dominant to submissive allows for maximum fun. I also have a paddle, wooden spoon, and leather belt at the ready.

Lingerie. Day-to-day underwear just won’t cut it if I’m doing a striptease or tying up a partner. I want to look extra special, so I have many hot little numbers I can either wear ahead of a date or change into when I get home.

Lube. I’ve never needed lube but my local sex shop had a promotion where you could fill a small basket with all types of different samples. I didn’t even know so many existed and I learned a lot by asking the sales woman questions. Some women might need it, and it can keep an extra long session going. Stock up on condoms too!

Bullet Vibrator. This is my favorite toy because it’s small and inconspicuous. It’s a great for stimulating the clit or penis and around the anal area. I think all men should own one of these. I know I would be impressed if my hookup brought one of these out.

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