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Online Dating Slang that You Should Know

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Like any online community, online dating has its own set of terms that any user should know to fully understand the online dating profiles they are looking at. You might know the alphabet, but do you know the alphabet of online dating? Hopefully these tips help you find exactly what you are looking for online!

“Before I worked at Find Hookups I was always puzzled by some of the shorthand for online dating,” reports Sonja, an editor at the aforementioned dating site. “Now that I know what everything means, I’ve had a lot more success finding the types of guys I’m interested in dating.”

A – A stands for Asian. If you’ve got a fetish for an exotic hottie from the East, then this is what you will be looking for right now!

BBW – Big, Beautiful Woman. A BBW has some extra love to give in the form of fat rolls, a soft tummy, big boobs and a generous bootie… and she is proud of it!

DTE – Someone who writes DTE on their profile usually means they consider themselves to be pretty down to earth.

DTF – Okay, we all know what this one is, right? Down to fuck!

GSOH – Did this one make you laugh? It stands for good sense of humor.

SGL – This one stands for single, so a person who writes SGL on their profile is ready and available.

NS or N/S – Non smoking. Don’t bring out your pack of cigs around this person because it might be a big turn off.

PDA – Someone who uses this acronym for online dating is looking for a sweetie to snuggle with in public.

HNG – Horny Net Geek. These guys are geeky and might be kind of shy, but are really smart and fun to hang out with.

So, now that you know some lingo, what are you looking for? Let us know!

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