5 Dating Profile Turn Offs

After years of reading men’s dating profiles, I know what turns me on… and off! Of course, I can’t speak for every woman, but after enough chit chat with gal pals who also date online frequently, there are things that seem to rub many of us the wrong way.

When you join an online dating site, the first thing you do is create a profile. That can be a daunting task because it needs to stand out from others and impress the women who click on it after reading a first message from you. You can’t appeal to everyone, but you don’t want to exclude women with profile red flags that can be avoided.

5 Dating Profile Turn Offs 

1. Bad Pictures
The worst would be no pictures, and these accounts exist! No woman is going to respond to a message, if the profile has zero pictures. Just a fact. And more than one is best. Use a selection when choosing profile pics that represent the real you. There should be at least one up-close shots of your face. And don’t forget to smile.

2. Not enough Information
Just as bad as a profile without a photo, is one that is half filled out or sections with two-word responses. When you don’t provide enough information about yourself, you’re leaving a woman to fill in the blanks. Women are detail oriented and will want to know a certain amount about you before messaging or responding.

3. Too Long
You can also go too far. A woman may get half-way through reading your profile, and give up. No matter how well written your profile is, if it’s too long, it gives the impression that you’re an egomaniac or the opposite – you are insecure and desperate. Highlight yourself, but leave some mystery.

4. Unrealistic Expectations
It’s okay to use some broad strokes when painting the kind of woman you are looking for, but when you get too specific about your dream girl, you will make women feel judged before they even meet you… which probably won’t happen! We all have ideals, but being open to all possibilities is your best bet.

5. All Jokes
Women love men with a sense of humour, but a profile that is all jokes, one-liners, and self-deprecating comments is a definite turn off. Unless you are a stand-up comedian, write a profile that is sincere in it’s attempt to attract the women you want to meet. You can show off your wit when you land a first date

What turns you off in a dating profile?

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