Aphrodisiacs from Around the World

Potions, spells, medications and rituals that supposedly enhance sex have been big business throughout all time and all cultures.

Shamans, witch doctors, medicine men, herbalists, psychologists, magicians, coaches, you name it—most of them have something they claim makes you harder, hotter, larger, hornier, healthier, or otherwise better equipped for the hot and heavy.

Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

The answer is, it depends.

There are chemicals that make your dick harder, yes. There are substances that optimize her hormones and thus make her more receptive to sex. There are even substances that can have you climbing the walls. So yes, some aphrodisiacs work. But at what price?

There are drugs and other substances that loosen you up and lower your inhibitions, making sex possible or more enjoyable. There are other aphrodisiacs that increase your libido, some that are very dangerous, and others that are relatively benign if used responsibly.

Here’s the lowdown on the global love showdown.

Aphrodisiacs from Around the World

Peru: Maca

Maca is the powdered root of the Lepidium meyenii plant, a cruciferous vegetable related to cauliflower and kale that grows in the highlands of the Andes.

It was a jewel of the Inca warriors, valued for clarity, energy, and sexual stamina.

Scientific studies show very modest improvements in sperm concentration in men and sexual dysfunction in women past menopause. These are small group studies and miniscule increases, nothing dramatic.

On the other hand, there are great nutritional benefits to maca: copper, vitamin c, iron, manganese and more.

Yay or Nay?

Sure. Don’t load up on the stuff, but no harm will come from adding maca to your smoothies now and again, and the natural vitamins inside will benefit you all around.

Brazil: Catuaba

A relatively new kid on the block is catuaba, a concoction of bark scrapings from the Trinchilia catigua tree in the Amazon rainforest. It’s also an ancient tribal secret, but has only more recently been making the rounds through the Internet.

Catuaba is said to increase your erection strength and improve your brainpower.

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Yay or Nay?

Skip it. Catuaba supplements are often a waste of money, containing very little of the plant named. Any increased blood flow—to your big head or your other head—are reactions to the stimulant chemicals. Coffee is also a stimulant. If you take enough catuaba to “work” you will also feel wired and edgy, not relaxed and horny. No one wants an agitated partner just because his dick is a bit harder. Seriously.

Egypt: Blue Lotus

The blue lotus flower has been sacred to Egypt for thousands of years, and word of its magical, spiritual, and health properties has spread to India, the Mediterranean, and beyond.

There’s nothing the blue lotus flower can’t do, apparently. It can cure everything that ails you, clear your mind, relax you, heal sore muscles, give you spiritual clarity, help you sleep, cause hallucinations, and make your cock feel real nice.

Yay or Nay?

Nay, obvi.

Don’t mess around with strange psychotropic plants, please.

You can buy blue lotus tea, sometimes packaged as “lucid dreaming tea.” The concentration will be fine to relax like any other herbal tea. But don’t think that if a little is good, a lot must be better.

The chemicals in blue lotus are nuciferine and atropine. The latter is found in the often deadly Belladonna nightshade plant. Both have valid medicinal uses—nuciferine can relax you, and atropine can help your heart in a medical situation. You can also hallucinate wildly.

The steeped tea instructions will just give you a soothing dreamy feeling and some people do report more vivid dreams. Neither will put your cock to any good use, I’m afraid.

North America and Europe: Ecstacy

Many recreational drugs are popular because they make sex easier or more pleasurable. Part of this is that being blitzed out of your mind makes you less choosy and less inhibited. Part of it can be enhanced hormones or blood flow.

Ecstasy increases tactile pleasure and may deepen feelings of intimacy. Lots of people report an amazing feeling of connection and gorgeous, pleasurable sensations. Later they might describe the same scene as “fake” or “hollow” or an illusion. The connection they thought they were experiencing wasn’t what it seemed.

Other drugs like meth can temporarily facilitate stamina and are used in sex orgies and other sex parties to accommodate lots of partners. The problem is that soon your teeth are falling out and you have bugs crawling all over you, and everyone thinks you’re a creep instead of hot.

Yay or Nay?

Drugs can be amazing or dangerous and often both. Big turn off for me, generally. Less is more—someone who chooses half an e tabby over a chemsex bender is usually more attuned to sensuality and a better lover. But every culture and era has drugs of choice. I enjoy two glasses of wine but hate it when someone is loaded. If you can’t control it, skip it. If it’s against the law where you are, skip it.

Africa: Pygeum (African Plum Tree)

The pygeum plant is widely used medicinally throughout Africa for bladder and kidney concerns, so why not also sell it for erectile dysfunction and male pattern baldness?

There’s scant evidence so far that it helps ED and none for baldness, but some users report feeling slightly more alert or healthy. That’s sexy, no?

It can help reduce the frequency of urination and improve prostate health in men.

Yay or Nay?

Your doctor likely has better aids for prostate health if you have urinary issues, but if you get bad side effects, it probably won’t hurt to try.

Forget about it for sexual enhancement. There are a million plants and potions repurposed for wider sales and this is one of them.

Have you tried any aphrodisiacs? Please share your experience in the comments!

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