Is Your Sex Drive Normal?

Are you always so horny that your dick is driving holes through your jeans? Do you think about sex too much, too little, or more than you used to? Is your libido higher or lower than your lover’s? Sex drive is something we all wonder about.

Is My Sex Drive Normal?

Probably, yes.

It’s unlikely you are worrying that your sex drive is too low. Most guys wonder if it’s too high. If sex is on your mind a lot, that’s because sex is a powerful drive.

If you’re a young man and you’re wondering if other guys are also draining every last drop from the pipes and then finding them full again shortly after, the answer is yes.

Young men are testosterone factories. That is the entire purpose behind biology. Another fact is, testosterone levels have dropped lower than ever in history the past few generations, with theories ranging from estrogen in the water to various diets to blue light and cell phone waves. Whatever the cause, if you are always horny, your grandfather had it worse!

There’s more to worry about if your sex drive is low.

You might be a shy person, or selective about partners, or want to find the right woman. That’s all good. If the desire is there, things are working fine. There’s more concern if you consistently lack lust.

Some people are asexual and don’t have any desire for sex. For them, that’s normal. But for most guys, low or absent sex drive could indicate wonky hormone levels or psychological trauma. There might be a problem like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. Book a check-up with your doctor and be candid about why you’re there.

Fluctuations are normal too.

The above advice to see a doctor does NOT mean that sex drive dips or fluctuations aren’t normal or that there’s something wrong—it’s about ruling out health issues or getting them treated if there is a red flag.

Variations ARE normal. Hormone levels are highest in your teens and twenties. It’s also normal for your sex drive to rev higher when dating someone new, and to dip when you have children or have to focus on things like a job or caring for parents.

There’s no magic measurement.

“Normal” varies widely. Some ninety-year-old men masturbate twice a week, and some have forgotten all about it. Some thirty year olds have sex every day when they only dreamed of that at nineteen. Lots of adults take a break from sex and don’t think much about it, sometimes for years, then the desire comes roaring back.

There is no right number of times a man of a certain age should have sex or masturbate or think about sex. Your best point of comparison is with yourself, while recalling those natural fluctuations of libido.

If you have stopped drinking beer and started jogging, and find your libido has doubled, that should make sense to you, because health is sex. If you were in a car crash and have undergone months of physiotherapy for pain, of course your sex drive has fallen.

If your sex drive interferes with relationships and life—too much or too little—be concerned.

If you are so consumed with sex that your behavior is risky or your dick is so dead that your wife is thinking of leaving you, those might be areas of concern.

Otherwise, yes, you are normal.

How would you describe your sex drive? Share in the comments!

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