5 Reasons Women Lie on Dating Profiles

Online dating means taking a leap of faith into the unknown. All you have to go on initially is what people write about themselves in their dating profiles and the pics they post.

I’m an optimist who wants to believe the best of people, and I assume they are telling the truth until proven otherwise. This rosy view has led to online disappointment a few times, some forgivable and some not.

If you are more suspicious than I, you may find your spidey senses tingling more often.

5 Reasons She might Lie on Her Profile

  1. She’s new to online dating. This is more about omission than flat-out lies, but anyone new to online dating will feel unsure about how much to put in their profile. She may want to meet you first before she says she has four kids and two ex-husbands. Unfortunately, this kind of thing often wastes your time and hers.
  2. She’s insecure. Maybe she posts pictures of herself before she gained the recent fifteen pounds, which she plans to lose. Problem is, it’s false advertising and projects a lack of confidence which isn’t sexy. She may say she’s forty-seven, because she just turned fifty and is afraid that won’t make the cut for many men. I say who wants to be with a man that picky anyway.
  3. She needs to be discreet. She may be vague about her work because it’s a high-profile job that demands discretion. Maybe she says she’s not into anything kinky because she doesn’t want to broadcast that she likes to be tied up and spanked until she gets to know someone and build trust. Remember, there are plenty of reasons people want or need to maintain a certain level of privacy.
  4. She wants to cast a wider net. A lot of women are looking for love online, but they will say they’re into casual and short-term dating because they don’t want to limit the number of men they attract. They may also think they can turn a casual-only guy into a long-term possibility. Either way, this is another time waster for both parties.
  5. She has something to hide. Maybe she’s in an unhappy marriage, so she writes “single” as her status, hoping to find a boy toy on the side. She might make up stories in her profile about her busy, adventurous lifestyle that is merely a ruse to cover up some dark past. This may sound over the top, but some people just lie for no apparent reason.

Don’t let the fact that some women lie on their dating profiles stop you from finding what you’re looking for. Whatever the reason, try to be understanding before jumping to conclusions  or ship.

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