Why She Stopped Responding to Your Online Dating Messages

Did you have a good thing going with a woman on a dating site, only to be suddenly left in the cold? You check your inbox every ten minutes, only to feel that excitement turn to disappointment when it becomes painfully clear that you’ll never hear from that person again.

Aside from rejection, the hardest thing to accept is not knowing what happened. Chances are it had something to do with one of the following things.

You Weren’t Giving Her Anything to Go On

When you look back at the messages you sent, are most of them single-word answers to her in-depth questions? If so, she may have grown tired of advancing the conversation on her own. I get it. You were probably afraid to say the wrong thing, which in turn led you to behave like you were on a job interview.

Next time, be sure to not only answer questions, but to also ask some. She’ll appreciate your interest, as well as your ability to converse like a boss.

You Were Being too Aggressive

Did you swing too far in the opposite direction and message her novels when she was only asking for the basics? Did you message her repeatedly, even though she hadn’t responded to your previous questions? Did you send her an unsolicited dick pic, or ask her to show you her tits right out of the gate? If you said yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance you came on too strong.

Being confident is great. It’s sexy, and something that a lot of women look for in a man. That said, it’s important to read the situation, and dial back your advances if it’s clear she’s not feeling it.

You Took too Long to Reply

Did you start out messaging at a regular interval, only to change things up by replying less and less frequently? You might not think that your response rate made that much of a difference, but she probably noticed the change and considered it a reflection of how interested you were.

She might have moved on preemptively, or simply grown tired of waiting for you to respond. If you want to show a woman that you’re interested, be sure to keep up the messaging pace.

You Did Nothing Wrong

Some people are just rude or not skilled at dealing with confrontation. She may have changed her mind, or met someone else. These things happen, and I know it sucks not to get closure, but that’s just a risk you take when you put yourself out there.

If you’ve been messaging back and forth for a while and you really can’t help yourself, it’s okay to send one message asking what’s up. Anything beyond a single message, however, is bordering on creepy.

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