Why Unsolicited Dick Picks are Offensive

Ah, dick pics. No matter how many times we ladies express our displeasure at receiving them, they continue to line our inboxes. I think I’ll make a t-shirt that says: If I want your dick in my box, I’ll ask for it.

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Unsolicited dick pics are the pervy, visual equivalent to telemarketing: “Hi Ma’am. Would you be at all interested in some day having this dick shoved into your mouth?” “No, dude. Now let me get back to blocking that other guy who keeps sending me pictures of his dick.”

So far I’ve made it pretty clear that sending out unsolicited pictures of your cock is a bad idea. But why are these kinds of dick pics so offensive?

They Assume an Awful Lot

Namely that we are at all interested in looking at pictures of your cock. Penis enjoyment is a state dependant thing. While some women do enjoy a good dick pic over breakfast or while waiting for the bus, many more of us prefer to save our penis viewing for those times when we’re already turned on.

I can see how this might be confusing. Men are, on the whole, more easily aroused by sexual imagery. You might think that if you were into dicks, you’d want to receive at least one dick pic a day for the rest of your life. Hell, you’d probably sign on for some kind of daily-dick-pic delivery service. I wonder why this service doesn’t already exist? Oh, right… nobody wants it.

They’re Akin to Flashing Us on a Park Bench

We’re just going about the day, minding our own business when, BLAM! There’s your dick. It feels just like being caught off guard by the pervert in the park, only it’s happening in our own homes, on the same phones we call our mothers on.

I’m being a little over dramatic here, but seriously, an unwanted dick pic is a violation. Would you flash a random lady on the streets? It’s no different. Just because a woman is messaging you on a dating site doesn’t mean she’s down with seeing your junk.  

They Insinuate that We’re Shallow Enough to Care

Maybe some women prefer to sleep with guys who are hung like bulls, in which case I’m sure they would make that pretty clear. I’m sure if it really mattered to them, they would ask you straight out about the size and shape of your cock. If a lady doesn’t ask, you can assume that it isn’t the first thing on her mind.

She probably cares more about how you’re going to treat her, or if you have what it takes to please her in other ways. Your penis is not the only factor that will determine if she’s going to enjoy hooking up with you.

*As a side note, a randomly sent dick pic reeks of insecurity and desperation. It’s begging for attention and reassurance, two immature requests which do not set the tone for a sexy encounter. Please think twice before sending one out unless, of course, you want to be perceived as a dick.

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