Why I Keep My Dating Profile while in a Relationship

You may have one online dating profile, or many across different sites—either way, it’s a good idea to keep them when you’re in a new relationship. Or not so new. Let me explain.

The first time I tried online dating I was so green to the whole game. I started seeing someone local who traveled cross country a lot, so we texted every day for months. I was sure it was going to end up being something, so I deleted my dating profile soon after.

It’s embarrassing to admit I did that because once he returned from traveling, he dropped me like a hot potato. He’d just wanted someone to keep him company on the road and had no intention of dating me for anything serious. Not only was I angry about his shitty behavior, I was also pissed about having to rewrite an entire profile.

It’s important to update your profile regularly, but writing it from scratch is the real work. I went on to make more online dating blunders before I got the hang of things. Now I’m in a two-year-plus relationship, and guess what? My online dating profile still exists. Although it’s incognito, so no one on the site can see it unless I log in—I haven’t since meeting my guy.

It’s still there just in case. It may sound like I have little faith in forever, but I consider myself a realist. It would be interesting to read it now, after two years, to see what me then looked like—a woman on the prowl, haha.

If things with my beau do go south one day, I will merely use it as a template (I spent a lot of work to create an awesome dating profile because that’s what it takes) when writing a new one. The funny thing is, he still has his too. We talk about deleting them, but for now we’re both okay with having them on file.

And I suppose if we decide to open our relationship, we’d already have something set up to find secondary partners or a third for threesomes! Not something I see in our future, but you never know how things can go as a relationship matures and deepens.

How long do you see someone before deleting your profile? Or do you keep your profile?

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