Reasons to Update Your Dating Profile Regularly

Online dating is like any other meaningful pursuit—you get more out of it if you put more into it.

Ever listen to your buddies gripe about how dating is bullshit? We all have. Yet others have amazing stories of incredible hook-up experiences, as well as successful polyamorous and monogamous relationships from online dating. What gives?

There are lots of ways to invest in online dating for quality results, but one of the easiest and most overlooked methods is to regularly update your online dating profile.

Here’s why it matters.

Honesty is important.

It’s fine to leave stuff out that’s no one’s business. There’s no need to reveal all.

But being dishonest or lying or leaving out very important information will tip off women to your inability to face reality or date ethically, both of which are especially important for hookups. After all, folks looking for long-term relationships take time to get to know each other before making major decisions.

You may have told the whole truth and nothing but the truth when you posted your profile. But now you look quite a bit different, have a different job, or moved to another country.

It would be a good idea to get the basics straight!

The same women are reading available profiles.

Yes, there are new people constantly joining dating sites who have never encountered your hotness, brilliance, and wit.

But there are lots of ladies scanning profiles who have passed yours by already. There may be nothing wrong with your profile, or you, but with only so much that can be conveyed online, whatever was there may not have caught her attention.

Changing it to include new details might be the trigger for someone who suddenly sees your profile in a new way and decides to reach out and give you a try.

Women want to know you care and that you’re still in the game.

She wants to know that you’re up to date about the world around you and that you’re in it to win it… or her.

It’s important to be specific, not generic, and to give details about current events and your life. But time goes by, and if you still think Billie Jean is in the billboard top ten or that Al Gore is vice president, she might conclude that you’re off the block or that you’re just lazy.

Updating gives you the chance to take stock and reflect.

Maybe you wanted hot hookups with Marilyn look-a-likes just one month ago, and you forgot that you specified this fantasy loud and clear. Now that you’ve been with a number of high-maintenance blondes, you’re wondering if there’s such a thing as a no-strings hookup with a ten.

You realize you had a much better time in and out of bed with girls who are more down to earth.

What you want changes with every date you make. Important stuff can change too: your profile still says you live in New York when you’ve moved to Santa Fe, so no wonder no ladies contacting you live near by. Less important things also change: you’re tired of pizza and beer, and lots of hot babes want to meet up for sushi and green tea.

Tell us how updating your profile made a difference!

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