What People Lie about in Dating Profiles

With all the fibbing that goes down online, it’s a wonder we don’t approach each and every profile with the severe trepidation they deserve. But we don’t. We’re too excited to find that perfect match, hookup, or LTR. We see and read with our hearts and loins.

Snap out of it. For every truthful profile, there are a dozen filled with at least one lie in some form or another. And all of them should be obvious — take nothing for granted:

Age. Most cruisers tell the truth about their age until they hit 30. Then they start to “forget” to update as the years pass. I’ve seen profiles that have listed the same age for five years. Tell the truth — you’d be surprised how little difference it can make other than to a select few. It’s better than the alternative of showing up and freaking someone out with your rheumy eyes.

Body Type. Many people don’t care if you’re not anorexic. Although women seem more tolerant of heavier men, there are plenty of men who prefer women with some meat on their bones (myself included). So don’t try and hide what’ll be impossible to hide later. Which brings me to…

Pics. I shake my head every time I see the misrepresentative profile pics of people I know. Plenty of shadow, Photoshopped body parts, “creative” lighting, The Mirror Face Pose, etc. Getting hits is one thing… subsequently delivering the goods is another. If a photo is all you’re counting on to impress someone, you’re in trouble.

Relationship Status. Beware of hooking up with those who are looking to secretly have an affair behind their significant other’s back. Unless that’s your thing, of course.

“Looking for”/Intentions. This one kills me. So many people are in love with the idea of a quick hookup — and claim so — but really they’re looking for LTRs. Then there are the predators who claim to chase an LTR in order to score as much booty as possible. Very frustrating.

I find it’s best to cruise the profiles over time, see what updates are made, look for contradictions, etc. It means it can sometimes take a while for me to actually hit up a profile, but that suits me — there’s always plenty enough to go around in the meantime.

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