Pictures NOT to Use in Your Online Dating Profile

As I recently ended a love affair, I’m back on the dating sites, browsing around. For some reason, I expect the profiles to be better than the last time I was on. Not so. It seems that men make the same common mistakes. And one of these is choosing the wrong profile pics to express themselves. I know I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth another look. I’ve given tips on choosing the right photos that will pique a woman’s interest, so let’s now look at examples that do the opposite – have a woman clicking away to the next profile.

Types of Pictures that Turn Women Off

No Photos
I have to throw this one in because it never fails to shock me. There are so many men who sign up to a dating site, jot down a couple of sentences, refrain from uploading a pic, and then start sending women messages. Really?!? You think you’re going to get a reply? Instant delete. If you’re serious about meeting women, put a little effort in. Lazy men don’t get the girls.

Distance Shots
These are almost as bad. That pic of you standing on a mountain with your back turned and your hands in the air… no. Your athletic, sense of adventure isn’t going to save you – sorry. We all want to know what a potential date/hookup/whatever looks like. You must include at least one close-up… and don’t forget to smile.

Bathroom Selfies
These just kinda creep us ladies out to tell you the truth. They can either give off a narcissistic vibe (the no-shirt ones) or a desperate vibe (I have to get my profile up right now and can’t wait to ask a friend to take a decent picture of me.) You can do better than this, and creating the best profile you can is key.

Encumbered Pictures
This refers to a few types of photos that make me cringe. Posting a pic of you on a bike, wearing a helmet and sunglasses, isn’t going to cut it. I can’t see your face or hair. Halloween pics are only okay if you have five other great ones. Also, avoid using pics of you with your arm around a woman (Is that your sister or ex-girlfriend?)

Outdated Photos
If you don’t look reasonably like the pictures on your profile, you’re off to a bad start. Who cares if you’ve gained fifteen pounds… you only want someone to want you for who you really are anyway. We are all works in progress. My rule of thumb: don’t use your absolute best photo because it’s usually hard to live up to. And update your photos regularly, your profile will circulate more and you may grab the attention of someone who passed you by earlier.

Okay, guys… I hope these tips will help you when selecting photos. Let us know if you have tips for women – what types of photos you like to see and which ones turn you off.

Remember: a bad photo can prevent a woman from reading your profile, so even if your summary and description might be the best out there, you may be missing out on meeting an awesome lady.

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