Universal Sexual Turn-Offs for Women

Want to make sure you don’t get lucky twice? Secretly hoping she’ll turn over, put her clothes back on, and hit the road? Some turn-offs in bed are universal.

Here they are, so you can avoid them!

Jabbing her vagina with your cock, determined to find her G-spot.

There’s nothing worse than the lover who thinks he can go where no man has gone before.

Instead, with his right hand spelunking her interior with all the delicacy of a jackhammer, he shows himself to be the same dimwitted dude as the last guy.

There is nothing less erotic than you finger fucking me furiously in hopes of magically finding the body part I’ve never managed to source for myself.

If you are super turned on by the idea of the G-spot, or just curious, or genuinely want to make her soar with pleasure, ask her about her experience with that, and let her show you the way.

Blindsiding her asshole with attempted entry.

If you were really hoping to put your jeans back on while your hard-on was still throbbing, I might say “go for it” except that only an asshole would aim for her asshole without consent.

Always ask first, whether in actual words—”Do you enjoy anal?”—or by knocking discreetly at the back door, and listening carefully to her body.

Here’s the thing—her ass is NEVER ready for you to suddenly plunge in.

Let her know you want her ass, and then focus all your dates on driving her wild. The hornier she gets, the more likely she’ll invite you in.

Leaving your socks on. Or worse, taking them off.

I see this in porn all the time. The dude is actually still wearing his socks. There’s only one reason you leave your socks on when you’re fucking—your feet are not red carpet ready.

See, most women don’t care about stuff you can’t help, like how much body hair you have or whether your cock is four inches or six inches long. Your hair line or age aren’t deal breakers.

But for god’s sake, gentlemen, please look after your feet. Those long and cracked toenails, those gray-green thick callouses, the clumps of sock fuzz between your toes, the sweat…

We don’t want you to pamper and buff and shine and get Hello Kitty decals painted onto your toenails, but learn your way around a pumice stone and a decent set of clippers.

Asking for too much too soon.

A woman’s nature is slow to boil, so even if it looks like she’s boiling over, if it’s your first or second hookup, she’s really just getting warm.

Anticipation, experimenting, and building desire are really important to bring a woman to the pinnacle of pleasure. So while we enjoy it hard and fast, there’s much much more.

That’s why you have to hold something back. Don’t introduce your every kink or dirty word two minutes after her jeans have slid to the floor. Wait a while before you announce you want her fist up your backside.

Here’s the thing you need to always remember—for a woman, it’s always more about timing and how horny she is, not about specific actions. If I’m not feeling it, a fetish or certain move will be a total turn off. But when I’m already crazy horny, that same thing is going to be something I want to try.

It’s ironic, yes, but always leave the crazy stuff you hope will turn her on for when she is already turned on. Focus on her pleasure until she’s there, then pull out your tricks and take it over the top.

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