Overcoming First Date Anxieties

I can’t count how many first dates I’ve been on, but I can tell you it never gets any less nerve-wracking. But they’re good nerves, like waiting in the wings for your turn on stage.

Don’t let it spoil your chances. Here are the five handy-dandy first-date tips I follow when trying to hold it together:

1. Keep it in your pants
Unless you’re just after a quick hookup, why not postpone the shag until the next date? I would rather miss out on the sex the first time around than fail at it because of nerves. If the date goes well, sex will be easier on date #2 when you’re a bit more confident, and you’ll make a better first sexual impression.

2. Fountain Sweats
Whenever I go on a first date with someone I expect to really like, I sweat—profusely. Don’t shower until just before you walk out the door. And feel free to apply deodorant to areas where you normally wouldn’t (if you’re following hint #1 anyway, then just apply liberally.)

3. Do I look fat in this?!?!?!
Don’t run all over town shopping for new clothes. Wear something you’ve worn successfully before, so you don’t spend the night wondering what kind of impression your new threads are making. We get so caught up on clothes, don’t we?

4. Blehckth
Nervousness causes dry-mouth. Carry gum. Chew it. In a restaurant, keep drinking water. Even if you’re following hint #1, a kiss at the end of the night is still possible. Don’t let it taste like barn mud.

5. Only one for the road
By all means, have a drink to calm yourself down. But getting wasted on a first date not only makes you look dumb, chances are you’ll lose control of the shit coming outta your mouth. Know your limit—before you start to sound like that Mel Gibson phone call.

Got any other ideas for how to get over the first-date heebie-jeebies? Let us know!

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