4 Easy Ways to Flirt

Some men have the natural ability to flirt. They are able to be charming and funny without even thinking about it. Others often ponder what actually constitutes flirting. To the latter group, I am going to offer tips on how to flirt (without really trying) with the fairer sex. It’s like most types of communication, with practice comes confidence… and confidence is very attractive to the ladies.

4 Ways to Flirt

1. Ask Questions. This is very important. Some men make the mistake of trying to impress a woman by talking a lot about themselves and their achievements… boring. Ask her all kind of questions about her life. This may include her work, passions, family, or pets. She will feel your interest, and you will learn if she’s a good fit for you.

2. Make Eye Contact. For some guys this comes easy, but for many of us it can feel intimidating or a little too close for comfort. I had to really focus on this one when I was younger and shy, but now I do it without effort. It’s a very intimate way of connecting, even with someone you’ve just met.

3. Make Her Laugh. Sense of humor is at the top of most women’s wish list when it comes to what they want in a man. If you can’t make her laugh, the chemistry is likely off. And sharing a similar sense of humor is also important. If you think you’re hysterical, and she is staring at you blankly, it’s probably a good idea to move on.

4. Touch Her. Let me clarify… I don’t mean groping, kissing, or feeling her up. I mean a brush of the shoulders, a tap on her knee, or even a high five. Any type of physical contact with someone new will be seen as a good sign. Just make sure it is appropriate to where you are and what is happening. Her body language reaction to a gently touch will tell you if she’s feeling your vibe too.

These are all very subtle ways to flirt with a woman on a date. She may still wonder how much you like her, but you will have definitely caught her attention.

How to Flirt Online

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