Dating When You’re Broke

Being broke is frustrating, for sure. But it doesn’t mean your love life has to suffer. Surprise, surprise, most women don’t care that much about whether a guy has money or not. Okay, there are gold diggers, but they’re not the kind of women you’re looking for – usually not a lot going on upstairs, if you know what I mean.

If you don’t believe me that women don’t care, just look around. How many guys do you know that get women without having the money to buy her things or take her places. A woman cares more about spending time with you than little trinkets and where you go.

If you don’t have cash to go out to the bars and clubs to search for a woman, join a free online dating site and write a profile that gets the girl. Oh, and don’t lie about your finances, or she’ll be pissed that you misrepresented yourself.

One positive about not being flush with money is that you’ll be confident a woman is truly into you and not your wallet. A lot of rich guys rely on money to do their talking, but a woman is more interested in being respected and loved.

So once you’ve met a woman you want to take on a date, don’t fret. A woman wants a memorable experience, something she is excited to tell her girlfriends about.

If you’ve been struggling with money then you’re already used to finding things to entertain yourself and friends that don’t require cash. If you want to take her somewhere try a picnic in the park, a nature trail, a bike ride, the museum, or an art gallery. Make sure you have a few ideas that she can choose from and don’t expect the lady to plan your date.

Myself, I like dates that come to my place. This might be a little weird for a first date, but if you’ve met her a couple times, why not? It’s a more comfortable setting for touching and flirting. At home date ideas include gaming on the xbox, making a mix cd, cooking together, movie night, or drawing one another (fun even if you don’t have artistic skill).

Don’t let your financial situation dictate your dating life. Remember, a woman will always appreciate creativity and thoughtfulness above what’s in your bank account.

Guys, any dating ideas for the financially challenged?

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