The Risks of Sexting Nude Pics

Imagine your poor mother receiving a pic of your gorgeous cock simply because Mom is next to Moira in your contacts list. Bummer for all three of you.

Sexting without attaching pics is risky enough. But e-flashing your junk is like burying your cat in Pet Semetary: be ready for it to come back and haunt you.

Take a moment and consider the effect an accidentally sent sexpic would have on:

  • your colleagues
  • your boss
  • your students
  • your friends
  • your neighbours
  • your rabbi, imam, or priest


I once had my inbox hit by a virus and all my dirty emails were distributed ad hoc. I had much ‘splaining to do, and thanked my lucky stars that it was only words and not pics (although I still have a hard time looking some people in the eye…) But it was enough to scare the life outta me forever.

Heed the warning:

You’re in heat. It’s times like this when our fingers slip and enter the wrong recipient. Could be oily fingers, could be the shakes. It’s next to impossible to maintain sexy momentum while proficiently operating touch technology. Just sayin’: that’s when mistakes are made.

Blackmail. There are now con artists out there looking to connect online, convince you to send nude pics, then blackmail you with them. Only then do you find out the profile on the other end of the line is a fake. And you’re fucked. I promise, such things are really happening in the online world. (Just ask all those poor hacked nude celebrities.)

I get the attraction. Nude pics are hot. But save them for your profile (and lock them). Once you get to know a hookup — and know that he/she is not a total psycho — you can always unlock them privately. It’s much safer, and you won’t be risking mass distribution.

Personally, I think it’s more effective to titillate with words, anyway. I’ve always had a better response using smutspeak as a primer, saving the eye candy for the in-the-flesh portion of the hookup. By the time the date starts, our imaginations have done all the heavy lifting.

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