Shaving Your Girlfriend: The Valentine Sweet Spot

For a guy, there’s really no way around it: Women want their Valentine’s Day romanced to the point of bleeding to death. It’s intimidating and overwhelming.

But not insurmountable — not when you consider the rewards of a little wining and dining and chocolates and red roses.

The woman I’m dating is certainly expecting some sort of all of the above, and has told me so. I groaned a bit, asking if it was really necessary, and would a quiet night in not be more romantic, less cliché? Apparently, though, cliché is what we’re after on February 14th. And I really like her, so she gets her wish.

And here’s why:

She’s not the first woman in the universe who’s more willing to — how shall we say? — try something a little more adventurous if a bit of romance has splashed her way. That’s music to my ears, and so worth the cost of a fancy dinner and roses (which actually do cost a fortune).

So I’ve enticed her to experiment with something new (new for her; I’ve tried this on a woman once before; okay, maybe twice before, who’s counting). After all the lovey-dovey stuff is over, and we’re back home, and layers are coming off, and she’s feeling like the special woman that she is to me. She’s agreed to let me shave her pussy, old-school-style, with lots of lather and a sharp blade.

It requires such trust. It must happen slowly, with delicate touches of care. That’s what makes the sexiness of it all so intense. (That, and the fact that she’s up for it in the first place.) She watches it happen. She’ll sometimes grab a quick gasp of air, but will exhale slowly and deeply whenever she sees another small patch of bare skin appear. She won’t believe what she’s letting me do.

Until she’s shaved completely smooth. And before she starts on I can’t believe I just let you do that to me…, my mouth will be on her, making her cum as many times as she can handle without having to end the night needing a spinal tap.

So I don’t mind Valentine’s Day this year. I love the fact that, throughout the fancy dinner, she won’t be able to get out of her mind what I’ll later be doing.

That’s sexy.

And everyone wins!

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