Sex Cam Etiquette Tips for Men

Are you about to try cam sex for the first time? You’ve been hosting Zoom meetings for months now and you’re probably thinking, how hard can it be? I already don’t wear pants when I Zoom… just point the camera down!

Well, it’s a little more involved than that. Here are my tips for camming etiquette that (as a professional cam model) I wish every guy knew.

Sex Cam Etiquette Tips for Men

Prepare Ahead of Time

Do a technological test run before you start your call. Check that your Wi-Fi signal is strong, your computer (or phone) is working properly, and that you have all the privacy you need. Get comfortable and set things up so that you don’t have to position yourself in awkward ways for the camera.

If you’re camming under a pseudonym, clear the shot of any sensitive info or identifying objects that might provide clues to your real identity. Use a digital backdrop if you’re worried, or stick to super-tight close-ups.

Confirm Her Consent

Text ahead of time—or spend a few moments at the start of your session—talking about expectations and comfort levels. Make sure you know each other’s limits, and be sure to confirm her consent before jumping in. Cam sex is no different than the real thing when it comes to securing permission. If she says she’s comfortable with mutual masturbation and showing you her pussy, but that she doesn’t want to see you stick that giant dildo in your ass, respect that.

You might think that cam sex is low stakes as far as sexual activities go, but visual stimulus is powerful and can’t be reversed. In other words, we can’t unsee things.

Keep It Low Pressure

Don’t ask your camming partner to show you her tits, or pussy (no matter how much you want to see them). Tell her she’s sexy and that you’d love to see whatever she wants to show you in her own time. She’ll open up to you as her comfort level dictates, and asking her to go at your pace could put the pressure on.

There’s a ton of adrenaline flowing during cam sex. If it’s her first time, she might be focused on doing it well and pleasing you, only to have regrets later. You can reduce the chance of that happening by letting her take the lead.

Don’t Take Pics or Record the Session without Permission

I wish this could go without saying, but sadly it can’t. Cam sessions are meant to be fleeting. They’re not amateur porn waiting to be born, or a sex tape that you can jack it to ad infinitum. They are a momentary pleasure that—despite their digital format—are just as private and sacred as in-the-flesh sexual encounters.

If recording (or being recorded) is central to your enjoyment of cam sex, find a partner who’s into that. Have patience and don’t settle. Find the right woman to share in your cam experience because I’m sure she’s out there.

What etiquette tips would you suggest? Please leave a comment!

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