Red Flags and Writing a Better Dating Profile

Browsing through a dating site’s profiles can be daunting. You need a system that helps you save time and avoid sending messages to the wrong kinds of people. And if you’ve ever felt excited about finding the “perfect” girl or guy, only to meet and realize they were very different than their profile suggested, you’ll want to check for these red flags that will help you move on to the next possible match.

Dating Profile Red Flags

No Picture/No Close-Up Photos
I’m always amazed when a man sends a message and he doesn’t have a profile pic. Not to sound shallow, but no one wants to meet someone without knowing what they look like. Physical attraction is important. And you look like you have something to hide when you don’t have any photos on your profile.

Lack of Information
A lot of people only fill out a couple of sections and then become active right after they join a dating site. A woman wants to know as much as possible before she agrees to meet a man in person. This makes her feel safe and secure. You also come across as lazy if you aren’t willing to write a great profile.

Nothing has a woman leaving a profile faster than a negative vibe. Maybe you talk about your last bad relationship or the type of women you will only date. It’s best to be as open as possible to increase your responses and messages. Listing too many characteristics that you seek in a woman can be off-putting.

Funny Overload
As important as a sense of humor is, you can take it too far. I’ve read profiles that are just one neverending joke, full of puns, double entendres, and self-deprecation. It gets tired fast and makes a girl wonder if a guy can be serious about anything. Wait until you meet to make her laugh… in a good way.

Too Good to Be True
Sadly, some dating sites are sprinkled with fake profiles to keep members interested. I got a message from a man who really did seem unreal. I decided to reply and his response ensured me that he hadn’t read my profile, so it was either a “robot” or just a lazy cad who uses form letters.

Of course, it’s impossible to really know what you’re getting into until you meet, so my last bit of advice is to meet as soon as possible. This keeps your imagination and expectations from growing into something that is out of reach.

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