How to Play the Field Like a Gentleman

Men who date multiple women often get a bad wrap. And that’s because they play willy nilly with women’s feelings, moving on when things blow up. But as a woman who isn’t ready to settle down into a monogamous relationship, I’m discovering the difference between responsible casual dating and being a player.

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It’s a fine line sometimes, so it’s easy to trip over and into messy terrain. I’ll share my tips that will help you keep a decent reputation while dating casually.

Tips for Playing the Field

Be Honest. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating multiple women casually, as long as you aren’t stringing any one along. If you use an online dating site, create your profile wherein you share that you are not looking for a serious relationship. When you meet a woman, be sure to reiterate this at least a couple of times. If a woman thinks she can change your mind, and gets hurt, you can’t say you didn’t tell her the truth straight up.

Keep It Casual. By this, I mean don’t slide into boyfriend territory with things like gifts and weekend getaways. Your actions should match your intentions which is enjoying each other’s company without building expectations. This doesn’t mean you can’t sleep over and lie in bed all the next day, it just means that you both should be on the same page. 

Stay Organized. Some people can barely manage one relationship, let alone a group of partners. Even if you are dating four women casually, each one deserves to be treated like a lady. You’ll discover your limit when you start mixing up dates and can’t keep details about each woman’s lives straight. And please, don’t call one woman by another’s name… that spells game over. Also, even if we know a guy sees other women, we don’t want to know or hear about them.

Do Check-ins. Occasionally check in with yourself and your lovers about where things stand, emotionally. Are you more interested in your Wednesday gal than your Friday date. Do you think one of your casual hookups is falling for you, or you for her. Even if you start on the same relationship page with someone, things can change quickly. It’s only responsible to monitor your feelings and inquire from time to time about your partners’.

Don’t always assume that everything is hunky dory when it comes to casual connections. Follow these tips to help keep your relationships running smoothly, and to avoid hurt feelings… on both sides.

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