Pros and Cons of Make-Up Sex

So you and your lover have been having it out all day, next thing you know, you’re back in the sac making everything right again with the help of a little make-up nookie. So everything’s better now, right? Probably not, even though it feels oh so good at the time.

Personally, I try to avoid make-up sex. I don’t trust it. We can see it coming, and anticipate it, even before the dust has settled. It’s distracting, and as a result we risk not thoroughly addressing the issue at hand. We jump three steps ahead to the make-up sex.

Why not first see if the issue has truly been resolved? Why let a hard-on cloud your judgement? I hold off. Not for a week, or even days—but certainly a day without sex won’t kill me (despite what my cock is telling me…).

Here’s the problem: make-up sex is so good! And no wonder—emotions are running high for both of you, and within no time it swings to passion. Next thing you know, you’re treating each other to all your old favorites. That’s hard to resist. But I assure you, if the argument isn’t completely resolved, having sex will only put your troubles on standby. They’ll soon resurface, and consciously or not, you may end up resenting having had that curtain-call shag.

Why not exercise instead, after the fight, alone or as a couple? That’s my technique. It’s physical (like sex), helps you think (without the distraction of sex), distances you for a while (from the argument… and sex), and hell, working on the muffintop is never a waste of time. I promise, promise, promise you—if you and yours are destined to last, waiting a day to have sex won’t kill you.

Revisit the issue after the time-out and see if you’re both still on course for reconciliation. Heads will be clearer. Anxiety will have (hopefully) lessened. Communication will be more targeted. Tempers will have cooled. If, then, falling into each other’s arms is still an option (as in, you’re not breaking up, after all), go nuts.

And, technically, it’s still your first fuck after the fight, so it should still carry all the power of a First Fuck After a Fight, anyway. That’s make-up sex worth fighting for.

For a female perspective, read: Tips for Make-Up Sex

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