How to Get a Second Chance with a Woman

So you met a great woman online, went on a date (maybe a few), but you blew it. You said the wrong thing, acted inappropriately – and now she’s become distant. But all is not lost because she hasn’t blocked your profile or emails, right? You’re wondering if there’s a way to get a second chance, but you’re not sure how to proceed. Here’s where to start…

Be Sure
If you hooked up, and the sex was great, is that all this is about? If you want to chase a woman for a second time, it should be because you want more than booty. Otherwise it just isn’t worth the effort it’s going to take.

Admit Mistakes
Recognize what went wrong – what you did to turn her off. Accept responsibility and tell her you’re sorry. This may have to be in an email if she’s not yet willing to see you right away. Knowing that you’ve been introspective will impress her.

Show Your Strenghts
She was attracted to you enough to go on at least one date if not more. What about your profile or personality got her attention? If it’s your sense of humour, tell a funny story; if it’s your passion for cooking, mention you’d love to make her favorite dish.

Be Patient
Depending what you did to piss her off or become reluctant about dating you, it may take time to win her back. If you really like her, it’ll be worth the wait. Don’t expect an immediate response to your charming ways and don’t push. Space out your messages so she has time to think about your intentions and her response.

If you want her back, then it’s time to forget about other women. Take a break from your online dating sites and strategize how you’re going to get her attention. She may be dating other guys, so you have to make sure you stand out enough that she’ll give you a second chance.

Act Confidently
You may have a bruised ego or maybe you struggle with confidence, but don’t show it. If you act like you deserve another go then she will, too. Don’t ever grovel or beg for a woman back – guranteed fail!

Stay Busy
As much as I recommend focusing on her, you’ll also want to continue along with your routine and what’s important in your life. Sure, sulk for a day or two, but snap out of if, you’ll need your energy to go after the girl.

Any second chance stories, guys?

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