5 Dating Profile Pictures that Attract Women

Choosing the right pictures for your dating profile is important for reaching your maximum potential on any dating site. Many men send first messages to women based on a picture alone while most women read carefully through a profile in search of compatibility and potential red flags before responding. But before you worry about that, you need to choose pictures that will have her clicking at all. Of course what attracts one woman may repel another, but there are some standbys that myself and many ladies I know find themselves drawn to.

5 Profile Pics that Will Attract Women on Dating Sites

1. Up-Close
Some men, especially the less confident types will use an array of distant shots where their head is so small you can’t see what he really looks like. Women want to know who they’re reading about… if it takes a few dozen shots to get a pic you like, so be it. And don’t forget, most women care as much about personality as looks.

2. In Your Element
Use at least one photo of you doing something you enjoy, whether that’s cooking, rock climbing, or playing guitar. Women love a man with passions and seeing you engaged in yours is a turn on.

3. Pet Pic
Not just of your pet, or with a friend’s animal. But if you have pets, why not include one photo of your and your furry friend. Women find it hard to resist a man who loves animals.

4. Au Natural
No, I don’t mean naked. Those selfie bathroom shots of a man’s chest and torso are so ten years ago and reek of an inflated ego, sigh. What I mean is a picture someone else took that isn’t posed.

5. Funny
You don’t have to be the hottest guy in town if you’ve got a sense of humour. That said, don’t be a jokester in every photo you use. One pic that shows your silly side will show her that you like to have fun… and what woman doesn’t like to have fun.

Tip: Keep your photos current, taken within the last year or two. And rotate with new ones on a regular basis.

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What kind of photos do you use for your dating profile? Any other tips you can suggest?

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