Pantyhose Hookups: 8 Ideas for Nylon Lovers

For those with a kink for pantyhose, I’ve put together some sexy scenarios for pantyhose hookups.

Do women still wear pantyhose? They do, but not like the old days when certain jobs—clerical, retail, airlines—mandated that they wear hose. Pantyhose has been usurped by yoga pants and leggings or women going au natural, rather than stuffing their legs into a tiny stretchy pair of nylons.

But that doesn’t mean that men don’t fantasize about women in sheer hose or have a full-on pantyhose fetish.

No, sir. It’s still one of the most popular fetishes out there and plenty of women enjoy pantyhose hookups. I can attest to that with the comments kinky readers leave on Hookup Land, and the fact that my own partner has a pantyhose kink!

8 Pantyhose Hookup Ideas

Like any kink, there is a broad spectrum in how pantyhose fetishists play and enjoy their fantasies in real life. The ideas for pantyhose hookups I share are some that I’ve experienced with my boyfriend and other men, and some are tweaked from my girlfriends’ sexploitations (yes, we talk about this stuff!)

1. Take Her Pantyhose Shopping

If it’s not your first time meeting and she already knows and accepts your pantyhose fetish, why not take her to a lingerie shop and have her try on a few pairs before bringing home your favorite. Making out in a change room is super hot if you think you can get away with it!

She may already own an assortment to try on for you in a private runway show down her hallway, turning and bending over while you jerk off on the couch.

2. Undress Her with Abandon

You don’t have to spend a lot on a pair of pantyhose to get your money’s worth. Some guys like the idea of ripping the crotch open while she’s still in them before inserting their cock, and it’s a huge turn on for many women.

For this kind of disposable fun, just buy cheap pantyhose at the dollar store because it’s the act, not so much the quality of hose that’s important. You have no idea what some women pay for their lingerie, so ask before tearing.

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3. Use Pantyhose as a Restraint

If you also have a bondage kink, pantyhose make a great restraint.

Tie her up, or have her wrap your wrists and ankles spread eagle to the bed before she slowly undresses herself, mercilessly teasing her helpless victim. If you are a true submissive, you’ll let her have her way with you!

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4. Take Her in Her Knee-High Pantyhose and Stilettos

I’ve met quite a few men who like fucking a woman with her shoes and pantyhose still on, but without anything else.

It’s quite a visual—her legs wrapped tight, calves and thighs accentuated from the height of her heel, breasts bouncing braless. And when she bends over in front of you, you won’t be able to resist grabbing her hips and thrusting from behind.

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5. Use Pantyhose as a Gag

Let’s assume she’s the submissive. If you want to keep her quiet, her pantyhose will make a perfect gag. Just be sure not to put them too far into her mouth and that her nostrils are not covered.

And it’s not always about not being able to talk, but it’s also a stunning picture for the fetishist to see what was just on her pussy, now in her mouth.

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6. Ask for Her Worn Pantyhose as a Keepsake

The woman you met four hours ago for the first time through an online dating site may not want to part with her $50 pair of hose that she bought special for nights like this, but some will give you a cheap pair, so there’s no harm in asking.

I sometimes ask men to leave a sweat-soaked T until the next time because I get high on the fumes while I masturbate. To each his own, right?

7. Try Them On or Wear Them under Your Clothes

Some pantyhose fetishists are also crossdressers who love the feel of women’s undergarments, especially silky satiny materials, against their skin. It’s the opposite of what men are used to, and it can work it’s way into other kinks like role playing.

This may be a very private part of a nylons fetish, wherein you meet your hookup with hose underneath your jeans to reveal later, or not, or prance around for her while she critiques your look.

8. Use Them to Masturbate

Most pantyhose have a unique feel that is foreign to most men. The smooth slippery texture rubbed against your already hard cock can have you coming in seconds.

Maybe your pantyhose hookup is still wearing the hose and grinding up and down on top of you, or giving you a topless lap dance, rubbing her silky ass into your balls. Or you’re alone at home, sniffing the crotch of the pantyhose she was wearing earlier, before wrapping it around your hard-on and sliding it fast and furiously against your member.

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What does your fantasy pantyhose hookup look like?

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