Outdoor Summer Sex Ideas

It’s the middle of summer and if you haven’t had a hookup in the great outdoors, time’s a ticking. There’s nothing better than doing it doggie style in a long field of grass or chasing a lover naked through a garden maze.

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It really feels good to be exposed to the fresh air, hot sun, and other natural elements during sex.

Fun Outdoor Sex Ideas

Golfing and Grassing

I love playing a round of nine with small breaks to kiss and neck or fondle my partner while waiting on the next hole. Depending on how busy your club is or how much privacy the course allows, you may want to take it all the way on a quiet Monday afternoon. If you’re an exhibitionist, this is great fun.

Skinny Dipping at the Cottage

Nothing feels better than cool water on a naked body, except maybe another slippery body sliding against your own. The last time I did this I was at a campground in the middle of the lake. When rangers drove up to comb the beach, my lover and quietly tread water until they left. Then we got out and did it in the sand.

Rooftop Sunbathing

If you’re a sun worshipper, you’ll enjoy tanning naked on a roof with your next hookup. And don’t forget the erotic massage with lotion. Sweaty sex with no one around but the birds and the bees feels oh so good. I tried this once on a slanted rooftop. It was tricky and dangerous… just my cup of tea.

Hot-to-Trot Tourist

Vacation sex is hot for all its own reasons. You can get it on with a complete stranger who you know you’ll never see again (unless you both want to). Be flirtatious with the locals, and don’t be shy about asking for a tour of the best spots in town. You’d be surprised how many women are on the prowl for sexy foreigners.

Share your favorite outdoor hookup experience in the comments!

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